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This template creates a citation for a source (such as a scenario, a campaign _main file, a race description, etc.)


This template only takes one parameter, namely the token which represents the citation's title. It is always lowercase and uses spaces instead of underscores.

For a campaign, this is the .cfg acronym for the campaign.

For a scenario, this is typically the first keyword in the source's title which can uniquely refer to that source. Where it shares all keywords with other titles, it uses the entire source's title as the token. Where multiple source's share the title, as is rarely the case, use a hyphen and campaign initials as a suffix for disambiguation.

For a unit, this is the name of the unit with the "-unit" suffix.

The Rise of Wesnoth trow
Wings of Victory wov
An Orcish Incursion aoi
Legend of Wesmere low
Secrets of the Ancients sota
The Sceptre of Fire sof
A Tale of Two Brothers tb
Descent into Darkness did
Delfador's Memoirs dm
Liberty l
Heir to the Throne httt
Northern Rebirth nr
The Hammer of Thursagan thot
The South Guard tsg
Eastern Invasion ei
Dead Water dw
Son of the Black-Eye sotbe
Under the Burning Suns utbs
The Rise of Wesnoth A Summer of Storms summer
The Fall fall
A Harrowing Escape harrowing
The Swamp of Esten esten
The Midlands midlands
The Oldwood the oldwood
Temple in the Deep temple
Return to Oldwood return to oldwood
Clearwater Port clearwater
Fallen Lich Point fallen
Sewer of Southbay sewer
Southbay in Winter southbay in winter
A Final Spring a final spring
Peoples in Decline peoples
Rough Landing rough
A New Land a new land-trow
The Ka'lian the ka'lian
The Dragon the dragon-trow
Lizard Beach lizard
Troll Hole hole
Cursed Isle cursed
A Spy in the Woods spy
The Vanguard vanguard
Return of the Fleet fleet
The Plan plan
The Rise of Wesnoth rise
Epilogue epilogue-trow
Wings of Victory The Hunt hunt
The Raid the raid-wov
The Contention contention
The Spiral Path spiral
Islands islands-wov
The Three Sisters three
Elensefar elensefar-wov
Wesmere wesmere
Foothills foothills
Heart Mountains heart
Fire Meets Steel meets
Confrontation confrontation-wov
Epilogue epilogue-wov
An Orcish Incursion Defend the Forest defend
Assassins assassins
Wasteland wasteland-aoi
Valley of Trolls valley of trolls
Linaera the Quick linaera
A Detour through the Swamp detour
Showdown showdown-aoi
An Orcish Incursion Defend the Forest defend
Assassins assassins
Wasteland wasteland-aoi
Valley of Trolls valley of trolls
Linaera the Quick linaera
A Detour through the Swamp detour
Showdown showdown-aoi
Legend of Wesmere The Uprooting uprooting
Hostile Mountains hostile
Ka'lian under Attack ka'lian under attack
The Elvish Treasury the elvish treasury
The Saurian Treasury the saurian treasury
Acquaintance in Need acquaintance
Elves Last Stand elves' last stand
Council of Hard Choices hard
Bounty Hunters bounty
Cliffs of Thoria cliffs of thoria-low
Battle of the Book book
Revelations revelations
News from the Front news
Human Alliance human alliance
The Treaty treaty
The Chief Must Die chief
Breaking the Siege breaking the siege
Hour of Glory hour
Costly Revenge costly
Council Ruling ruling
Elvish Assassins elvish assassins
Northern Battle northern battle
End of War end of war
Epilogue epilogue-low
Secrets of the Ancients Slipping Away slipping
Dark Business business
Bandits bandits
Becalmed becalmed
Blackwater blackwater-sota
Following the Shadow following
Meeting of the Minds minds
Carcyn carcyn
Training Session session
Merfolk Revenge merfolk revenge
Battleground battleground
Walking Trees walking
Together Again together
Entering the Northlands entering
Mountain Pass mountain pass
The Mage the mage-sota
Mortality mortality
Abandoned Outpost abandoned
Lava and Stone lava
North Knalga knalga
Against the World against
Epilogue epilogue-sota
The Sceptre of Fire A Bargain is Struck bargain
Closing the Gates closing
In the Dwarven City city
Searching for the Runecrafter searching
The Council Regathers regathers
Gathering Materials gathering
The Jeweler jeweler
Hills of the Shorbear Clan hills
Towards the Caves towards
Outriding the Outriders outriding
The Dragon the dragon-sof
Caverns of Flame caverns
Epilogue epilogue-sof
A Tale of Two Brothers Rooting out a Mage rooting
The Chase chase
Guarded Castle guarded
Return to the Village village
Epilogue epilogue-tb
Descent into Darkness Saving Parthyn saving parthyn
Peaceful Valley peaceful
A Haunting in Winter haunting
Beginning of the Revenge beginning
Orc War orc
Return to Parthyn return to parthyn
A Small Favor a small favor
A Small Favor — Part 2 a small favor part 2
A Small Favor — Part 3 a small favor part 3
Alone at Last alone
Descent into Darkness descent
Endless Night endless
Delfador's Memoirs Overture overture
This Valley Belongs to Me belongs
The Road to Weldyn road
Leollyn leollyn
Council in Weldyn council in weldyn
Swamps of Illuven swamps
Night in the Swamp night in the swamp
Ur-Thorodor ur-thorodor
Houses of the Undead houses
The Gate Between Worlds between
Wasteland wasteland-dm
Terror at the Ford of Parthyn terror
The Return of Trouble trouble
Shadows shadows
Save the King save
Dark Sky Over Weldyn sky
A New Ally ally
The Portal of Doom portal
Showdown in the Northern Swamp showdown in the northern swamp
Prince of Wesnoth prince
Clash at the Manor manor
Face of the Enemy face
Epilogue epilogue-dm
Liberty The Raid raid-l
Civil Disobedience disobedience
A Strategy of Hope strategy
Unlawful Orders unlawful
Hide and Seek hide
The Grey Woods grey
The Hunters the hunters
Glory glory-l
Epilogue epilogue-l
Heir to the Throne The Elves Besieged the elves besieged
Blackwater Port blackwater port
The Isle of Alduin alduin
The Bay of Pearls bay
Muff Malal's Peninsula muff
Isle of the Damned damned
The Siege of Elensefar the siege of elensefar
Crossroads crossroads
The Princess of Wesnoth the princess of wesnoth
The Valley of Death the valley of death
Gryphon Mountain gryphon
The Ford of Abez abez
Northern Winter northern winter
The Dwarven Doors doors
Plunging into the Darkness plunging
The Lost General lost
Hasty Alliance hasty
Sceptre of Fire sceptre
A Choice Must Be Made be
Snow Plains snow
Swamp of Dread dread
Cliffs of Thoria cliffs of thoria-httt
North Elves north elves
Underground Channels underground
Elven Council elven council
Return to Wesnoth return to wesnoth
Test of the Clans test
The Battle for Wesnoth the battle for wesnoth
Epilogue epilogue-httt
Northern Rebirth Breaking the Chains chains
Infested Caves infested
Meeting With Dwarves meeting with dwarves
To the Mines to the mines
Clearing the Mines clearing
The Pursuit pursuit
Dealings dealings
Compelled compelled
Old Friend old
Slave of the Undead slave
Settling Disputes settling
Protecting the Master protecting
Elvish Princess elvish princess
Ray of Hope ray
Introductions introductions
Judgment judgment
Stolen Gold stolen
The Eastern Flank eastern
Get the Gold get
Showdown showdown-nr
Epilogue epilogue-nr
The Hammer of Thursagan At the East Gate east
Reclaiming the Past reclaiming
Strange Allies strange
Troll Bridge bridge
Invaders invaders
High Pass high
Mages and Drakes mages
Fear fear
Forbidden Forest forbidden
The Siege of Kal Kartha kal
The Court of Karrag court
The Underlevels underlevels
Epilogue epilogue-thot
The South Guard Born to the Banner born
Proven by the Sword proven
A Desperate Errand desperate
Vale of Tears vale
Choice in the Fog fog
Tidings Good and Ill tidings
The Long March long
Into the Depths depths
Pebbles in the Flood pebbles
Return to Kerlath kerlath
Tides of War tides
Vengeance vengeance
Epilogue (Bandit) bandit epilogue
Epilogue (Elf) elf epilogue
Eastern Invasion The Outpost the outpost
The Escape Tunnel tunnel
An Unexpected Appearance unexpected
An Elven Alliance an elven alliance
The Undead Border Patrol border
Mal-Ravinal's Capital mal-ravanal's
Northern Outpost northern outpost
Two Paths two
The Crossing the crossing
Undead Crossing undead crossing
Training the Ogres training
Xenophobia xenophobia
Lake Vrug lake
Captured captured
Evacuation evacuation
The Drowned Plains drowned
Approaching Weldyn approaching
The Council the council
Weldyn under Attack weldyn under attack
The Duel duel
Weldyn Besieged weldyn besieged
Epilogue epilogue-ei
Dead Water Invasion invasion
Flight flight
Wolf Coast wolf
Slavers slavers
Tirigaz tirigaz
Uncharted Islands uncharted
Bilheld bilheld
Talking to Tyegea tyegea
The Mage the mage-dw
The Flaming Sword flaming
Getting Help getting
Revenge revenge-dw
Epilogue epilogue-dw
Son of the Black-Eye End of Peace peace
The Human Army army
Toward Mountains of Haag toward
The Siege of Barag Gor barag
To the Harbor of Tirigaz tirigaz
Black Flag black
The Desert of Death desert
Silent Forest silent
Shan Taum the Smug shan
Saving Inarix inarix
Clash of Armies armies
Giving Some Back giving
The Dwarvish Stand dwarvish
Back Home home
Civil War civil war
The Coward coward
The Human Attack the human attack
Northern Alliance northern alliance
Epilogue epilogue-sotbe
Under the Burning Suns The Morning After morning
Across the Harsh Sands across
Stirring in the Night stirring
Descending into Darkness descending
A Subterranean Struggle subterranean
In the Tunnel of Trolls in the tunnel of trolls
In the Domain of Dwarves domain
Dealing with Dwarves dealing
Talking with Trolls talking with trolls
Out of the Frying Pan frying
Blood is Thicker than Water blood
Speaking with the Fishes speaking
Battle for Zocthanol Isle zocthanol
The Final Confrontation the final confrontation
Epilogue epilogue-utbs
Kingdom of Wesnoth wesnoth-geo
Dunefolk dunefolk
Dwarves dwarves
Elves elves
Ogres ogres
Saurians saurians
Undead undead
Northerners northerners-fct
Fire Dragon fire dragon-unit
Vampire Lady vampire lady-unit
Wings of Victory Drakipedia drakipedia
Items items
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