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Wesnoth Strategy for New or Professional Players

Hello all and welcome to Wesnoth Strategy for New or Professional Players. We are the WSNPP and our aim is to provide Wesnoth players both new and old with guides to improve their gameplay to become one of the top players in Wesnoth.

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Moving along, we plan on sharing my ideas, thoughts, theories, etc through weekly guides for everyone. There will be at least 1 guide for PWP and NWP per week

There will be two types of guides that we will be making:

  • NWP - New Wesnoth Player guides
  • PWP - Professional/Intermediate Wesnoth Player guides

NOTE: With PWP guides we will assume you know most of the Wesnoth game mechanics.

This will occur weekly and it will either be a NWP or PWP guide or both (depending on the time we have). Each guide will tackle different tactics, situations and the what to do and what not's and more. we will try to use diagrams or images to help you understand the explanation more and in some cases we might do videos in the future (This is still being discuessed).

At any time feel free to add comment on my guides or add ideas and theories of your own. That said, we hope you all find our guides useful. The team is also opened to any suggestions on improving WSNPP, whether it's graphics related, design or something else

Follow our blog for weekly updates.

NWP Guides

PWP Guides

The Team

  • WSNPP Director: - Sarom
  • Guide Author: - Sarom
  • Art Director: - Zaine
  • FunChillWesnoth Podcasts - So, it seems that around 20 of the voters turn out to be non-wesnoth players... I believe. SO for those who voted sincerely I will occasionally create vids of wesnoth fun ;) Other vids will be for designed for NWP and PWP.
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