NWP: "Special forces. On my mark!"

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WSNPP: NWP – Edition #10 – “Special forces. On my mark!”

SO what do you think I’ll be talking about in this guide? Weapons? Resistances? Damage? Weapon Abilities? If you guessed any of these you’re wrong.

In fact you’re wrong if you thought about anything relating to wesnoth stuff at all. xD Only jking, but if you really wanted to get into specifics, this time round I won’t be concentrating on specific units, but I might mention a wesnoth unit.

SO, WHAT in the world do I mean by “Special forces. On my mark!”? That’s right you MMORPG players, I’m talking about classes such as healers, supports and a tank. Why? Cause wesnoth units specify in such a way that their specification can be described as classes. For example Elvish shamans have a unique ability called ‘Heal +4’ (adjacent units gain +4hp per turn unless poisoned in which poison would be negated), where this ability is only specific to this particular unit in the whole of the Elvish army.

So what’s so special about this unit? Well it can heal… that’s it, no jokes, no tricks, no explanation unless you don’t know what heal means.

What to do with special units like these is to just use them effectively. The general trend is that healers (as well as leadership units) tend to be support units and thus weak in combat. SO it is a good idea to have them behind your front line to be protected and give bonuses to your troops. As that pretty much covers everything I’ll list a few examples of Special units:

• Elvish shamans/ Saurian Soothsayer – Healer/support

• Trolls – Regeneration/tank

• Drake Flare/Elvish Captain – Leadership/support

• Elvish Ranger – ambush/

• Dwarvish Guardsman – Steadfast/tank

• ELvish Druid – (Healer) Cures, Heal +8/support

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