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WSNPP - NWP: Edition #8 Traits

So here we're going to look at traits. Traits are specific pro's and con's that define a character. In wesnoth terms traits give character's advantages or weaknesses (normally known as flaws but meh =P).

Most units will have two traits and the majority of those will have two positive/advantageous traits. Some units may have one or two flaws such as goblin spearmen (ftw). Some examples of traits for level 1 units + are:

Elvish archer;

- dexterous : +1 to ranged damage

- intelligent : decreases max exp by 20%

Goblin spearmen;

- slow : -1 to movement speed

- weak : -1 to damage

So why do we have these traits? Well, I don't know the exact reason behind the curtains of the Wesnoth Developer's chest of secrets but in my opinion: it's to put variety into the game, to differ between two elvish fighters fighting each other and bring in new conditions that changes normal tactics. What new conditions may you say? Well the conditions of advantages; the fact that your elvish fighter may be dexterous (+1 to ranged) may mean that you'll use his ranged attacks more often then melee. Which may change how you play or any strategies that you may have.

How significant are they? Well take two elvish archers for example. If they are both fighting each other, on the same terrain type, with the same hp, damage and exp (say 10 for now); then it would be whoever is the luckiest wins. If we give one of the elvish archers traits such as dexterous and intelligent, the chances of killing the enemy increases and the chances that he will level, gain full hp regenerate and kill his enemy increases.

  • The smallest thing can make a big difference ;)

Funny Easter Egg: One time when I was playing undead, an undead archer that I recruited had 'intelligent' and 'resilient' as its two traits. See the issue there? If not, the answer will be in the next guide.

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