PWP: Dynamic strategies; 1 plan failed, 100 more to go

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WSNPP: PWP – Edition #3: Dynamic strategies; 1 plan failed, 100 more to go

Hey all once again to PWP. In this guide we’re going to take a look at dynamic strategies. What I find that most players, yes veterans too, tend to do is stick to one or two strategies throughout the whole game.

Sure it isn’t a big issue but if your opponent finds a counter to it, you’re pretty much stuffed. So I do recommend that more than one strategy is utilised in the game that or you have a few back-ups. Now if you read the title and understand it you could probably guess what I’m talking about.

Strategists basically should be constantly forming tactics in their mind whilst planning ahead. Difficult? Well it’ll get easier with practise but here’s something to add on your payload. You need to know your opponent and predict your opponent’s moves. This is the hardest part and I don’t expect anyone to be able to master this ability within a few games.

If you have mastered all that then you’ll most likely become top Number 1 next tournament season. JKS, of course there is luck involved in Wesnoth and we can only predict our luck to a certain extent. Which is another reason why you should have back-up plans, as you don’t know when you good luck is going on a holiday all of a sudden without warning.

Simple as that, no mind-blowing math calculus there.

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