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WSNPP: PWP #3 – Auxiliary Build Orders (ABO)

Welcome all to the #3 edition of WSNPP. In this edition we’re looking build orders when we have extra Keeps on the battlefield. An example of such a map is ‘Fallenstar Lake’. Depending on the map size, a good build order is to recruit a few units then migrate to another keep.

Step by Step Procedure:

  • Let’s name the current keep you start on as ‘Keep 1’ and the extra keep as ‘Keep 2’

1) 1st turn – Recruit 1 scout and 1 cheap unit OR 2 scouts OR 2 scouts and 1 cheap unit OR 1 scout (Different options for different races)

2) 1st turn – Move your hero to a village that is between Keep 1 and Keep 2

3) 2nd turn – Get your recruited units to capture villages (Cheap units should capture the closest and fast scouting units should capture villages that are a far away).

4) 2nd turn – Move your hero onto Keep 2 and start recruiting units. And there you go. This is a common build order used by many top players in Wesnoth ladders. If you have seen the podcasts on the Wesnoth Ladder you’ll see what I mean.

The reason why you would recruit your main army on Keep 2 rather than Keep 1 is because when you recruit your units, they are much closer to the enemy. This allows for fast reinforcements or strike forces when you need that extra advantage.

Things to watch out for:

Once again depending on the map size you may or may not need to do this. This also includes the distances between the Keeps.

When you’re moving from one keep to another your leader is vulnerable against rushes. Generally if it takes 3 – 4 turns to get to the next Keep you have to be aware that you may be rushed. Normally people don’t rush but if there is no FoG (Fog of War) your opponent will see what you are attempting to do and expose that weakness of early lack of protection. An even worse case scenario is that your opponent recruits 3 – 4 fast units (say horsemen) and traps your hero.

Unfortunately there is no specific counter to this rush except for a retreat back to Keep 1.

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