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WSNPP: PWP – Edition #8 – The power of FOG

Title literally states what this guide is all about. And FYI, I’m not talking about the fog that is a collection of water droplets near earth. Rather I’m talking about “Fog of War” which is basically what you can see and what you can’t.

So as we skip the very basics of fog being able to hide your troops, let us delve into that idea and explore the two possibilities of fog. Yes that’s right folks there is only two good uses of fog or two methods that are helpful…

Anyhow I’ll briefly state what the two methods are:

1) Being able to hide your units from your enemy’s line of sight is a wonderful advantage for setting up ambushes or traps or what we strategists like to call it… ‘controlling the battlefield’ (Another coming NWP guide)

2) To bait your enemy with false intel so that he/she recruits redundant units and waste their money (Very risky, not many people do it and succeed and if your enemy doesn’t take the bait… chances are you’re screwed)

The first method should be pretty basic, easy to execute and familiar with you as at some point in your game life as you’ve most likey done something like this or similar whether you know it or not. Here’s a list of Pro’s and Con’s


- Good for taking out small pockets of enemy

- Useful for ‘surrounding’ to prevent key (leaders duh) units escaping

- Allows greater map control or sight intel

- Very versatile in the sense that you can follow up with many strategies or retreat without taking any casualties or light casualties. (Method commonly used for traps or ambushes)


- Requires the army to be split, reducing army strength per group

- Things can get nasty if things don’t go according to plan

o If things go wrong, it is likely that you’ll lose 80%+ of what you invested

The second method, risky as it is in my opinion, is to give false intel to your enemy. Before I go on the HOW, there is a requirement, that the enemy (yes the enemy not you) must past. The question: “Does your enemy get paranoid when he sees a unit and because he’s paranoid, mass recruits units to counter that one unit because he believes that you are going to mass produce them.”

FOR example: He sees a dark adept (and he’s dwarfs) that goes into his sight then runs out. He then masses ulfserkers (Best counter for dwarfs imo) and finds out that you didn’t mass dark adepts but that you massed skeleton warriors. IF I were him I’d be swearing my head off… anyhow, moving along.

THE HOW!?! (Dramatic music plays)… Well I told you how already in that example above. Bait the guy by only just showing one unit, then get that unit to hide for a few turns… Now you must hope that he took the bait (scouting him would be nice at this stage) and masses counters to that one unit you put on display. If he is massing units to counter your puppet, mass units that counter his counter units. Simple? I hope so, but it requires some faith and hope and a lot of risk.

Oh and if he doesn’t take the bait… you… will… d… i… dice him up with your normal game play cause you know he didn’t take the bait because YOU SCOUTED him and thus knew not to spam counter units. So you didn’t die… yet.

Anyway I hope you guys enjoyed this guide.

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