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WSNPP: NWP #3 – Going Backwards

Hello all, this time we’re going to discuss a common new player cheese called ‘Going Back 1 Turn’. Now this type of cheese only relates to Campaigns or local multiplayer games. Saving and reloading from a save game to change the outcome of battle is the same as going back 1 turn.

Now you might be thinking that there is no issue when going back one turn since two of your units missed 3 attacks each on a 70% hit chance but you’ll be surprised how badly it can cripple your game play. *phew that was a lot to say in one breath*

I consider this cheese, cheating. It is a fact of life that you get unlucky and you miss 6 attacks in a row but a true general will continue to fight rather than go back 1 turn. To be honest, you can do this and there is nothing stopping you but when you play multiplayer games you DO NOT have that option. Since you relied too much on ‘Going back 1 turn’, you won’t have enough experience dealing with such situations and you will get into a lot of trouble.

There is no back-door to getting out of the habit nor is there one to get your units to hit all the time. Just put up with it and avoid going back one turn. Getting experience in dealing with such situations as well as having no reliability on the cheese is one of the key aspects to become an expert and one of the top Wesnoth players.

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