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Title(s): Lord
Gender: Male


Unit type(s):

El'Isomithir (also known as Lord El'Isomithir) was a councilor of the Ka'lian. He was among those who gave Prince Haldric land on which to settle. He came to the defense of the human Kingdom of Wesnoth years later. He was killed in a civil war by elves who defected to Landar.


Human settlement

So you come to steal our land? We know your kind, humans of the west-north.
—Lord El'Isomithir accuses Prince Haldric of invasion.

El'Isomithir was a member of the Ka'lian at the time of Haldric's arrival at the Great Continent. During a meeting of the Ka'lian in the Grey Woods, Lady Dionli brought before them a group of human refugees. Lord Logalmier asked why they had been brought to the council, and she spoke of their plight. He was initially hostile to the humans, but later reconsidered and offered them land provided that they could complete four quests. He tasked Haldric with traveling to the Isle of Tears and laying to rest the undead souls of his once elvish kin. Haldric carried out this task, earning El'Isomithir's gratitude. When all four quests had been completed, El'Isomithir agreed to give the plains around the Great River and the hills to the south of the Great River. He also witnessed the creation of a 'Pact of Mutual Aid', such that when the elves were in need, the humans would come to their aid.[1]

When the humans had left, Logalmier revealed that orcs had made landfall on the Great Continent. El'Isomithir agreed to Lord Aryad's proposal to break the pact with the humans if it became strategic to do so. Unknown to him, Lady Jessene eavesdropped on their conversation and was able to alert Haldric to the Ka'lian's betrayal.[2]

Unrest and civil war

King Haldric has broken the treaty we signed with him eleven years ago, and has sent back all our emissaries. When he arrived on our shore he was very humble, but now his arrogance knows no bounds.
—Lord El'Isomithir fulminates over King Haldric's lack of diplomacy.

Some time after Haldric became the first King of Wesnoth, the elvish emissaries were sent away, vexing El'Isomithir greatly. The orcs became particularly hostile towards the elves, such that they claimed elvish land,[3] even mounting an offensive against the Ka'lian itself. El'Isomithir managed to hold out until Kalenz arrived and drove back the orcs.[4] The orcs attacked a second time, but El'Isomithir succeeded in defeating them once more.[5] Following the second attack on the Ka'lian, Kalenz requested that they ally themselves with the humans and dwarves against the orcs. El'Isomithir was critical of such an idea, still angry that the humans had broken the treaty with the elves.[3]

Despite this, when Kalenz decided to aid King Haldric II against the orcs, though the rest of the Ka'lian chose not to send troops, Galtrid and El'Isomithir dissented and joined Kalenz on the battlefield.[6] Despite this momentary support, El'Isomithir later concurred with the Ka'lian that it was not within Kalenz's jurisdiction to aid the humans, and the Ka'lian stripped Kalenz of his military authority. Though Kalenz did not complain, Landar was furious.[7] In response, Landar gathered the support of a group of elves, starting a civil war, in which he eliminated the Ka'lian and declared himself the High Lord of the Elves.[8]


The council is not blind to these benefits. But, still, you cannot decide high matters of statecraft on behalf of the Elves. We cannot allow it.
—Lord El'Isomithir reprimands Kalenz for subverting the Ka'lian.

El'Isomithir held a great prejudice against humans, besmearing their kind.[1] He concurred with Logalmier's belief that humans were "un-people".[2] He begrudged Haldric I for breaking the treaty with the elves,[3] even though he conspired to break it almost immediately after agreeing to it.[2] He even sought punishment for Kalenz for the actions taken in order to help the humans,[7] despite having been present in the battle himself.[6]


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