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Wesnoth is currently being translated into the following languages. Instructions on how to contribute are found here: WesnothTranslationsHowTo.

Translation Maintainer Contact
Afrikaans None N/A
Ancient Greek None N/A
Arabic Mejri Ziad (Hermestrismi) [1]
Basque None N/A
Bengali Knyghtmare knyghtmare#8753 on Discord
Burmese None N/A
Bulgarian Ivan Petrov (TheWhiteKnight) [2]
Catalan Miquel-Àngel Burgos i Fradeja [3]
Chinese CloudiDust [4]
Chinese (Taiwan) 楊綮銘 (Taiwan) [5]
Croatian None N/A
Czech Michal Žejdl [6]
Danish None N/A
Dutch Merijn de Vet [7]
English (GB) Wedge009 [8]
English (Shaw) Arc Riley [9]
Esperanto Mariano Street (mctpyt) [10]
Estonian None N/A
Filipino None N/A
Finnish Jaakko Saarikko (styxnix) [11]
French Mathieu Guilbaud (Guim) Translations ML
Galician None N/A
German Aaron Winter (Bitron)
Greek None N/A
Hebrew None N/A
Hungarian Széll András [12]
Icelandic None N/A
Indonesian Irsyad Musthafa [13]
Irish None N/A
Italian Antonio Rosella [14]
Japanese Hironori Fujimoto (RatArmy) [15]
Korean mistzone [16]
Latin Daniel Faustmann [17]
Latvian None N/A
Lithuanian None N/A
Marathi None N/A
Macedonian None N/A
Norwegian None N/A
Old English None N/A
Polish ForPeace forum thread
Portuguese Brazilian Andrei Machado [18]
Portuguese (European) trewe [19]
Romanian None N/A
Russian Artem Khrapov (kabachuha) [20]
Scottish Gaelic GunChleoc [21]
Serbian None N/A
Slovak Aceman
Slovenian None N/A
Spanish Toranks [22]
Spanish (Latin American) None N/A
Swedish Alex Alowersson (fluxbird) [23]
Turkish Nilgün Belma Bugüner [24]
Ukrainian None N/A
Valencian None N/A
Vietnamese None N/A

Mailing List

There now is a mailing list dedicated to translation matters. It is mainly intended to be used for informing translation maintainers about important changes, to announce string freezes and other special things. Everyone is free to subscribe to this list.

Please keep in mind that this list is not meant for discussing changes for one single translation but instead subjects which are relevant to all translations.

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