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Hello everyone, I'm Knyghtmare. I have a degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. My current aspiration is the pursuit of the MBA degree.

How I was introduced to Battle for Wesnoth

I was first introduced to Wesnoth by my uncle, who always brought me new games to play. I started with v1.4.6


In the Battle For Wesnoth Forums, I'm known as Lord-Knyghtmare

Active Projects

War of Legends Era

  • An era for multiplayer games and also a resource pack for UMC campaigns.

Hero of Irdya I

  • UMC SP Campaign for the 1.15/1.16 branch. Revolves around an individual named Jahin and his part in the Dark Irdya timeline.

Sepulchre of Elran

Assault on the Citadel

Isle of Mists


  • Forward They Cried [FTC]
  • An Orcish Incursion [AOI]
  • The Dark Irdya Timeline wiki page. I update this like every few months or so, after a new episode/sequel campaign is ready to be added into it.

Previous Projects

The Legend Begins

  • UMC singleplayer campaign consisting of 3 episodes.
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