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Title(s): Prince Konrad
King of Wesnoth
Gender: Male


Unit type(s):

Konrad is the main character of Heir to the Throne.

Konrad is initially told by Delfador that he is a prince of Wesnoth of the same name. In reality the Konrad the player controls is an orphan Delfador found.

When the campaign Heir to the Throne begins Konrad leaves his home to fight the forces of Queen Asheviere. During this journey he meets Princess Li'sar.

After he and Li'sar obtain the Sceptre of Fire Delfador tells Konrad that he is not the true Heir to the Throne.

After Konrad and Li'sar defeat Queen Asheviere Li'sar becomes queen and rules alongside Konrad who she married some time after the end of Heir to the Throne.

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