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A queen of Wesnoth, who planned to take over Wesnoth by her husband's, son's, and all male heirs' (except Konrad) deaths. She allied with the Orcs afterwards.


  • Bio
    • Born: 462 YW ???
    • Died: 518 YW
    • Married: King Garard II (478 - 501 YW), Widowed
    • Reigned: as Queen consort 478-501; ruled Wesnoth de facto & (debatably) de jure as Queen Dowager, & (theoretically) as Regent for her daughter 501-518; deposed, died in the course of her overthrow.
    • In game Appearance(s): Heir to the Throne
  • Notable Deeds
    • Mother of Li'sar and Eldred.
    • Sagus' daughter.
    • Catalyst in the deaths of King Garard II, Prince Arand, and all male heirs within the contemporary royal family of Wesnoth (chief conspirator in all cases except for Arand, her son, with whose faction she was aligned).
    • Highly skilled & cunning politician, tactician, & strategist. Known in her youth for her great beauty, known in later life for her ruthlessness & willingness to spill (other people's) blood in pursuit of her goals.
    • Became a popular figure in subsequent Wesnothian folklore as a villainous tyrant, responsible for the deaths of all those around her, and doomed to destruction as a result of her own paranoid, over-ambitious plotting.
  • Background

"Perhaps it would be easier to condemn Asheviere for her evil deeds committed later in her life. Yet even rotten apples, not suitable for consumption, may provide the seeds for a fresh field of trees." - anonymous

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