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Delfador is an intelligent and loyal elder mage, old but wise. He was the loyal advisor to King Garard II. After the king's death, in order to save the youngest nephew of Garard, he entered the palace in Weldyn and stole away the young child, Konrad. He then followed him around (after he grew up) to save the kingdom from destruction.

After restoring the rightful heir to the throne of Wesnoth, Delfador lived the rest of his life as an advisor to the new rulers. He devoted much of his attention to restoring the Great Academy in Alduin to its former glory. But his efforts there were to bear little fruit in his lifetime ; for through many years of war and strife, very few mages were left, and none of them came near in power and skill to Delfador, greatest mage ever to grace the courts of Wesnoth.


He is featured in the Heir to the Throne and Delfador's Memoirs campaigns.


He is vulnerable to melee attacks, especially impact melee attacks.


"Identity curses men from birth. Konrad, forgive me for that which I shoulder you with. I pray you wear it as a badge on your heart, not a stone around your neck."


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