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My username is Aethaeryn and this is my wiki user page. I'm a wiki sysop (moderator), and I'm also a regular on IRC and the forums. Most of the wiki articles I maintain and work on are listed on this page. My biggest Wesnoth talent is probably in mapmaking, but I can do some WML coding and some sprite art.

I have three ongoing Wesnoth projects: Aethaeryn's Maps (thread), Thunderstone, and the Latin Translation (thread, stats).

If you need to contact me, I'm "Aethaeryn" on the forums as well as on IRC (freenode). This user-page lists my Wesnoth projects as well as pages I maintain for the Wesnoth wiki.

Current Wesnoth Content

(49.73% Avg. Completion)

Published Add-ons

00427_ink.png Aethaeryn's Maps (thread) (0.5.2)
(75% Complete) (Wesnoth 1.8)

Unpublished Add-ons

00394_frenzy.png Thunderstone Era
(12.5% Complete) (Wesnoth 1.9)
00433_lightning.png Thunderstone Trilogy
(2% Complete) (Wesnoth 1.9)

00362_hammer-dwarven-runic.png Era of Tyrants
(75% Complete) (Wesnoth 1.8)
00418_staff-plague.png Aethaeryn's MoD
(84.15% Complete) (Wesnoth 1.12)

Maintained/Watched Wiki Pages

As a wiki moderator, I patrol the whole wiki for things such as vandalism and spam. These are the pages I particularly focus on for content and/or design.

Factions and Eras

Faction Strategy


Latin Translation




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