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The forum thread for Aethaeryn's Maps is located here.

Note: The current version contains several maps that are broken on the current version of Wesnoth, and so it hasn't been uploaded to the add-ons server. Those maps might be temporarily removed if there's the demand to see it uploaded. The current location is on Github.

A collection of various multiplayer maps that I have worked on over the years and will continue to work on, Aethaeryn's Maps is my flagship add-on. Aethaeryn's Maps is a variety pack of many different kinds of maps whose only common denominator is that I made them. The latest version, 0.5, contains the following maps:

Current Maps

2p Twin Rivers

Version: 0.5

Type: Duel (Mainline Style)

Description: As winter descends on a calm mountain valley, two factions wage a bloody war.

3p Fortress Defense

Version: 0.7

Type: Team Survival

Description: Three great armies stand up against an insurmountable alliance of humans and orcs.

4p Chambers

Version: 0.5

Type: Free-For-All

Description: Four small armies infiltrating an old temple fight over the overgrown ruins.

4p Fortress Assault

Version: 1.1

Type: Team (3v1)

Description: Three armies gather to assault a seemingly insurmountable fortress after a long siege. A variety of attack routes leads to a strategical challenge for both sides in this tactically difficult map.

4p Four Bases

Version: 0.4

Type: Free-For-All

Description: Four nobles fight over the rich valley in between their four bases.

5p Aethaeryn's Empires

Version: 0.2

Type: Free-For-All (Special Gameplay)

Description: The human kingdom is in crisis as four invaders scheme to split it up!

5p Dwarven Fortress

Version: 0.2

Type: Team (3v2)

Description: Two Dwarven clans struggle desperately to defend their native lands from greedy outsiders.

Removed Maps

These experimental maps were problematic in various ways and have currently been removed.

2p - Gladiator Arena

This map has been removed.

Version: 0.5

Type: Duel (Special Gameplay)

Description: Two recently deceased necromancers gather in an unholy arena of the Underworld to entertain their overlords. Only one will earn his freedom.

3p Hide and Seek

This map has been removed.

Version: 0.1

Type: Team (2v1)

Description: Elves struggle to defend their native forest from foreign invaders.

6p Random Rumble

This map has been removed.

Version: 0.3

Type: Free-For-All (Rumble-Style)

Description: Six armies fight over an enchanted ruin where anything can happen.

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