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Not all distributions carry the latest stable or development releases. If you want to make sure you are running the newest official version of Wesnoth from either branch, either get the sources from the Download page and compile them yourself or use the flatpak below.


A flatpak of the current stable release can be found here.

A nightly flatpak of Wesnoth's development branch is also available. Instructions for getting it can be found here.

Arch Linux

  • The latest stable version can be installed from the [community] repository: pacman -S wesnoth
  • There's a wesnoth-devel package for development releases in the AUR.


  • Official packages including the development releases. If you want a different version, you need to explicitly request which branch you want, e.g. 1.12 (stretch), or 1.14 (buster, bullseye, and sid)
  • backports.debian.org offers the latest stable wesnoth releases, albeit only backported to stretch at this time. For more info on Debian backports, click here.

Command-line install

To install Wesnoth, run the following to pull in everything:

aptitude install wesnoth wesnoth-music


If you want to run a newer release than the ones provided in the Debian repositories, or an unreleased version from the Git repository, you will have to build it from source. See Compiling Wesnoth for more details.

To install Wesnoth's dependencies if you have Debian's source repositories enabled in your config, you can just use apt's build-dep command with the package that best matches the version you are trying to build:

# Stable version
aptitude build-dep wesnoth
# Development version
aptitude build-dep wesnoth-1.14

Note: If you have already installed an older version of Wesnoth, you should uninstall it first by running:

# Stable version
aptitude purge wesnoth
# Development version
aptitude purge wesnoth-1.14

Bear in mind that this will not remove downloaded data or saved games stored in your home directory.

Additionally, build-dep will not install libssl-dev automatically due to a Debian patch to use WolfSSL instead due to a licence incompatibility with OpenSSL, so you will need to install that manually. This will likely be resolved within the next couple of years once OpenSSL 3 comes into use since that version will resolve the license incompatibility.


Click here to install the latest version of the wesnoth packaged for your release. Alternatively, search for "wesnoth" in the Ubuntu Software Center or use following command:

sudo apt-get install wesnoth

Available Versions

Different releases of Ubuntu provide different versions of Wesnoth in their repositories. Often, this version will be older than the most current Wesnoth.

Release Packaged Version
22.04 LTS (Jammy) 1.16.2
21.10 (Impish) 1.14.17
20.04 LTS (Focal) 1.14.9
18.04 LTS (Bionic) 1.12.6

Reference: https://packages.ubuntu.com/wesnoth


Battle for Wesnoth is included in Fedora. The current version of Battle for Wesnoth is available for ARMv7HL, AArch64, ppc64le, s390x, x86, and x86_64 architectures. If you have problems with these packages, or other questions, please contact the Fedora maintainer Kalev Lember.

To install from command-line, simply run:

dnf install wesnoth wesnoth-tools wesnoth-server 


To install the game only, run the following as root:

emerge wesnoth

To install the game and the server, add 'server' to your USE flags, then run emerge as above.

Note: Gentoo currently operates as a rolling-release, updated approximately weekly.

To install the latest unstable version (when available), add the following line to your /etc/portage/package.keywords file before running the emerge command:

games-strategy/wesnoth ~*

The ebuild is currently maintained by the Gentoo Games Project

Mageia / Rosa Linux / OpenMandriva Lx

To install the latest stable version (as root):

urpmi wesnoth

For the development version (Rosa Linux and OpenMandriva Lx only, as root):

urpmi wesnoth-unstable

You can also use the GUI package manager RPMDrake (in the Control Centre).

To install latest Battle for Wesnoth version available you need to enable the following repository using the Control Centre:

Distribution Repository for wesnoth Repository for wesnoth-unstable
Rosa Linux Desktop / OpenMandriva Lx contrib release contrib updates
Rosa Linux LTS contrib updates contrib updates
Mageia core release N/A


These are builds of The Battle For Wesnoth for several versions of openSUSE, made for both i386 and x86_64 architectures.

The openSUSE packages are maintained by multiple contributors.

Install using One-Click Installation

Use the correct link for your version of openSUSE:

Void Linux

Void Linux is another rolling release distribution, utilizing its own package manager. The current version is available for x86, x86_64, armv6, and armv7.

To install simply run: xbps-install -S wesnoth

The build is currently maintained by Phillip Hirsch

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