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Hi, I'm shadowm/shadowmaster. You may remember me from such Wesnoth campaigns as Invasion from the Unknown and After the Storm, or my documentary Wesnoth Evolution (eventually going to be continued).

A brief Wesnography

In the past, my work on Wesnoth as a mainline developer has been focused on extending the game events WML dialect to provide content coders with more control over Wesnoth's engine behavior, although I've also worked on less commonly regarded components such as the add-ons management code, image path functors, and the story screen user interface. I'm also the founder admin of the Wesnoth-UMC-Dev Project, which has been a crucial instrument for the mainlining of Legend of Wesmere (1.5.x/1.6), Delfador's Memoirs (1.7.x/1.8) and Dead Water (1.9.x/1.10).

After being an active mainline programmer between versions 1.3.8 and 1.6, I've slowly become less involved with mainline in favor of my own projects and ideas, but I'm by no means leaving the community (yet). You might see me around the forums popping up every once in a while reminding people of our Posting Guidelines or fixing stuff.

Other Wesnoth-related projects

  • Wesnoth RCX is a GUI-based application based on Wesnoth-TC that allows the user to preview graphics in formats such as PNG, Windows Bitmap and GIMP XCF applying different team color transformations to them. There are currently Windows and Mac OS X builds available to download, and the source code can be easily compiled on Linux systems with a working Qt 4 installation.
  • The Advanced Wesnoth Team-colorizer Tool (Wesnoth-TC) is a little command line driven program that I wrote to help me with previewing changes in my sprites' team color bits without having to run the actual Wesnoth game for that purpose.

My website

I hardly take a look at this wiki anymore, so my user page can quickly become obsolete. If you want to know what I'm up to, what other projects I'm working on and more, check my website instead.

My subpages

These are mostly new or updated pages I'm working on at the moment (assuming I didn't forget about them), although they may also include other content of my own.

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