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Status of multiplayer campaigns development

Multiplayer campaigns are currently more or less supported by the engine. Multiplayer scenarios, like single-user scenarios, may specify the next_scenario flag. The side_id flag is used to ensure continuity between scenarios.

The following points, however, are missing to have an actual “multiplayer campaigns” support:

  • Add some GUI for campaigns. Currently, campaigns which span over multiple scenarios are possible... But all scenarios will be displayed in the normal “scenario selection” box of the lobby.

see "allow_new_game" in ScenarioWML

  • Add some way to hide opponents. Currently, all present sides are available in MP games: this is impossible for a MP scenario designer to specify AI-only sides (NPC sides) which cannot be taken by players.
  • Either:
    • Have some way to specify that a side cannot be taken by an AI
    • ...or teach the AI to use recall lists (think: player adding a AI-ally instead of a human one).

I'm not sure what you're looking for here, it sounds like two issues. 1 you can see the AI, and 2 you don't want players on the same team as the AI.

SideWML has something for both of those. The ill named "allow_player" has been around since May and it lets you hide a side. And you can use "side_lock" to prevent the creator from changing the team of a particular side before a game starts.

That said, it would be nice for the AI to know how to use recall lists.

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