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Hello, world

I am Philippe Plantier, a Wesnoth developer, also known as Ayin in the virtual world.

I am the author of several parts of the Wesnoth code, notably the terrain graphics code. A complete documentation for this one can be found here: TerrainGraphicsWML.

You can join me at the following e-mail address: philippe.plantier_AT_naema_DOT_org.


Code contributions

Those are some parts of the code I created (or parts of the code I am guilty for). This may mean I have special knowledge of them, and that I may be the one to bother if those need to be fixed.

  • Terrain graphics system (builder.?pp)
  • Multiplayer lobby system rewrite
  • Multiplayer campaigns (in progress)
  • Checksumming code for multiplayer (checksum.?pp)
  • WML parser (rewrite) (serialization/parser.?pp and serialization/tokenizer.?pp)
  • Generic animation code (animated.?pp)
  • Multiple font system
  • SDL_ttf fixes
  • UTF-8 encoder-decoder
  • Image “locators” for quicker access to images
  • t_strings, to be able to serialize translatable data

And several small fixes and improvements.

Graphics contributions

Those are graphics I added to the game. Actually, those were pretty good when they were first introduced in the game, but with the current standards of graphics, all of those could now use some improvement.

  • Loyalist “standard” castle graphics.
  • Grassland graphics.
  • Dwarven castle / village graphics. Cave walls were redrawn by Eleazar.


  • Add support for a more flexible way to add new terrains:
    • Base terrain / overlay system, like it was described by Ivanovic (see proposal 1)
    • ... or another complete rewrite of the system (see proposal 2)
  • Rewrite the terrain drawing system, to make it faster.
  • Complete support for multiplayer campaigns.
  • Improve the internationalization support.
  • Fix bugs
  • Finish the CastleTutorial.
  • Take over the world before Eleazar does.

Currently working on...

I did, a few weeks ago, a proof-of-concept code to demonstrate the possiblity to use OpenGL to do graphics rendering on Wesnoth. I am currently working on making a clean, commitable change to the graphic engine, which will allow several rendering engines to be chosen at compile-time or at run-time.

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