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1) modems are so slow, when will everyone be able to access dsl? i think to play online you have to start a game if you have the old version. debian doesn't come with a new version, and the thing is huge people. my next trick is to get the sources, I want to see what spaghetti this stuff might be. - my 2 cents

2) hi im writing here to see if anyone will read this and get back to me and im having problems with wesnoth

ok first of all i love the game and its great that its free and i have been playing 1.2.5 for a long time on windows... but now i tried getting the more updated versions like 1.3.3 or something which had many probleams and also the new 1.3.8 thats had the mostttt problems ive seen

their is something really wrong with it MOST of the campaigns will not load because it says wrong character or whatever on the tiles like (-999,-999) and it says error on lots of things also it keeps poping up like something that says it has a problem then you must choose to abort retry to debug it or cancel and stuff and any one of them i choose it still kicks me out of the game itself

also every time it does this a little while later when i try to get back in it turns off my computer like out of nowhere you just here like a sound and it turns off

im just asking if you guys can spend some more time on 1.3.8 for windows and fix the errors and stuff

thanx a lot

and this is a great game and its unbelieveable that its free

and one last thing im hoping you can send me an e-mail to tell me if you ever fix 1.3.8 id really appreciate it because i have lots of games but i only play wesnoth because for some reson its really addictive to me...

if you fix everything

3) I'm a programmer with 30 years experience, new to Wesnoth and it's great. Or at least 1.2 was great. I had to download the source to install it in Debian Etch. Once I did, I got the errors that the second guy got: most of the campaigns are zapped, and a number of add-ons are simply marked as unusable even if you reload them.

I wish you would roll back to 1,2 until 1.4 gets better

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