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There are many ways to get help — from online documentation to support from the community on Discord, IRC or forums. If you are experiencing problems, you should consider reporting a bug.



Wesnoth maintains a presence on Discord through its own official Discord server. Several channels are bridged to IRC in order to allow Discord and IRC users to interact with each other.


IRC (Internet Relay Chat) is a time-tested communications system that offers greater flexibility and extensibility than modern chat platforms. For more information, check out Wikipedia's article and

Unless otherwise noted, all channels are hosted at the Libera.Chat IRC network. If you don't have an IRC client installed or your firewall blocks ports 6667, 6697, and other supported ports, you can use Libera.Chat's web client instead.

Main channels

  • #wesnoth
    This channel is for general conversation amongst Wesnoth players and developers.
  • #wesnoth-umc-dev
    The channel for questions and conversations related to Wesnoth content development, including WML and Lua coding.
  • #wesnoth-offtopic
    The channel for social talk and discussion of subjects unrelated to Wesnoth.
  • #wesnoth-dev
    The development discussion channel. Most contributors and developers (including artists, WML/Lua and C++ coders, and staff) hang around here, exchanging ideas and patches.

International channels

  • #wesnoth-de
    The German language channel, used mainly by players and translators.

Note: All public conversations on official Wesnoth channels are permanently logged at This includes messages sent to IRC through the Discord bridge.

Mailing Lists

  • Dev (archives)
    The mailing list for discussing mainline development issues; it is not intended for bug reports or feature requests. See ReportingBugs for those.
  • Commits (archives)
    All commits made to the mainline source repository are automatically posted to this list for those who want or need to keep track of them.
  • i18n (archives)
    The internationalization (i18n) mailing list; all translation team maintainers and the i18n managers should subscribe and keep track of announcements and discussions taking place in this list.
  • Packagers (archives)
    The packagers mailing list is used by the development team to notify packagers and distributors of new releases, along with information about changes to the processes of building or obtaining Wesnoth's source code.
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