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Where to report bugs

The preferred way to report bugs is through our bug tracking system on Github, but you can also post your problem to the forums.

Note, however, that simple typos and story/flavor text errors should be reported on the SpellingMistakes wiki page.

Note also, that bugs of user made content should be reported on the forum in the appropriate thread of the add-on in question. Usually those threads are in either the Scenario & Campaign Development, Faction & Era Development or Multiplayer Development sub forum.

Needed information

  • What version of the game are you running?
  • Have you built (from sources) the game by yourself? gcc/g++ version? SDL library versions?
  • What operating system are you using? What version/release of that operating system?
  • Can you reproduce the problem? If you can please provide steps to do it.

On special request another note: Use common sense! If you know the information can't be relevant to your report simply omit it. Nevertheless too much information usually doesn't hurt.

  • If you have push access, please remember to add the bug or enhancement label as well as at least one applicable purple label.

How to be ignored

Your bug report is more likely to be tagged Invalid and ignored if you:

  • File it as anonymous so we can't ask you followup questions
  • Provide only the vaguest description of the problem
  • Don't include a savefile and a recipe for reproducing it from the savefile
  • Post feature requests without prior discussion at the forum or IRC

If you crave being ignored, do these things. If you want your bug addressed quickly and effectively, don't do any of them.

Guidelines for suggesting features

  1. First, please make sure the feature you are suggesting does not already exist (particularly in the latest development version of the game, consult the changelog) by double-checking the help files and options to make sure you aren't missing something.
  2. If it hasn't been implemented, please check that it hasn't been already submitted, by searching
  3. If your feature request hasn't been submitted, start a topic about your feature at the Forums after reading "MUST-READ About the Ideas Forum".
  4. If you get positive results on the forum (preferably from at least one developer) you can go ahead and submit your feature request using the issues tab on Github.
  5. Please post only one feature per feature request. If you have multiple feature ideas that are related, you can cross reference them easily with "bug #123".
  6. Be as specific as possible on how the feature should work so that anyone trying to implement it knows exactly what to do.

Guidelines for reporting bugs

When reporting simple spelling mistakes use the SpellingMistakes page.

  1. First, please make sure the bug you are reporting has not already been fixed (consult to see the history of changes to the game).
  2. If it hasn't been fixed yet, please check that the bug hasn't already been reported, by
  3. If your bug hasn't been reported, please go ahead and report it.
  4. Please post only one bug per bug report. If you have multiple bugs that are related, you can cross reference them easily with "bug #1234", where 1234 is the number of the previous bug report.

Keep bug reports to the point, and make sure your bug is easily reproducible given the information you provide. Clearly written, reproducible single bug reports will get attention before those reports that mix several different bugs into one report, or that are incomprehensible.

If there is already an existing bug report, do not hesitate to add a comment with your details - this way we know when some bug is getting "popular".

An account at Github is free and takes very little time to set up.

In-play problems

If it is in-play problem that you can reproduce, save the game and send the savegame to us with details how to reproduce the problem from the savegame.

Missing music or images

If you've installed Wesnoth from the Debian/Ubuntu packages, check that you've installed the full wesnoth, wesnoth-1.14 or wesnoth-1.16 package. The same applies to any other packaging system that allows installing a subset of the components.

Multiplayer out-of-sync errors

  • We need wesnoth stdout/stderr output from person who got the error (if you started wesnoth in terminal stdout/stderr is in that terminal).
  • We need savegame from person who got the error.
  • Savegame from some other player if possible.
  • The person who got the error should report the bug, other players can then add their savegames to that bug.


  • In Unix follow the instructions at DebuggingWesnoth to generate information to send to a developer.
  • In NT based OS's (including Win2k, XP) you enable/configure core dumps by running 'drwtsn32', the location of the dumps can be changed there.
  • In Mac OS X, you can enable Crash Reporter -- the output is a backtrace. Run Applications -> Utilities -> Console to see log output. See for information on how to enable Crash Reporter.

Sending savegames, screenshots, coredumps, etc

  • Please compress the files (bzip2, gzip, zip). Do not compress images or sounds, unless you're posting several in a batch. In particular, don't compress screenshots.
  • You can attach files if you submit your bug through Github by dragging and dropping the file onto the comment box.
  • You can attach files to forum posts.
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