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GSoC Student Applicant Ideas

Every student interested to work on Wesnoth as part of Summer of Code should create a page of his own where several things should be listed. Here is a short list of what should be mentioned on the list (the more info for us, the better...):

  • Who are you? Please list your IRC and forum nickname in here and describe yourself so that we get you to know.
  • What do you want to work on? Please flesh out your personal ideas, so that we get to know what you plan to work on.
  • If you already submitted patches, please list those so that we have a reference.

Formula AI

FormulaAIandAdaptation (Alesis-Novik)

The new idea and aproach using strategic and inside game knowledge

FormulaAIandDynamicScripting (barbarianhero)

This project idea uses Formula AI and Dynamic Scripting to create a tunable and adaptive AI.

FormulaAIBaseAI (Dragonking)

Developing smart and pluggable AI, which would be really easy tweakable by Scenario and Campaign Developers

FormulaAIPlanner (TVincent)

This project idea uses (and maybe extends) Formula AI to create a strategic, responsive AI of the Planner model.

FormulaAIAbstractLevel (lisu)

Developing easy to extend, smarter and adaptive AI.

FormulaAI_FSM (Martinov)

Refinement of the basic proposal.

AI improvement (P1mpS)

Neural networks and bayes nets

AI Development/Improvement (Terratoch)

Working with any new ideas or ideas already in development for the AI of the game.

Agent/Swarm based AI (dkloeck)

Create a new AI based on agent/swarm behaviour.

Multiplayer Server

ExtendingMultiplayerServer (dudegaurav)

This project proposal incorporates several ideas on how to refine the current Multiplayer Server !

MultiplayerServerLobbyInterface (Xan)

Improving the Multiplayer Lobby, with an emphasis on simplicity, ease-of-use, and scalability

MultiplayerInterface (Jarek102)

Improving multiplayer server/client side

GameFilter (ben.hwang)

Adding filters to search games the player is interested in

Scenario/Campaign Editor

ExtensibleScenarioEditor (david.hilton)

On a conceptual level, this idea combines a finite state machine editor with a code generator to create scenarios.

pyQTScenarioEditor (Malle)

That's me!

RujasuScenarioEditor (rujasu)

Scenario editor that will coordinate with the look and feel of the Wesnoth game.

CampaignEditor (jkiv)

Click and drag! CLICK! AND! DRAG!

IntuitiveScenarioEditor (cjhopman)

An intuitive to use but still extensible Scenario Editor.

New generation Map Editor (Elfy)

Scenario+Map+Unit editor designed to cover all WML editing tasks

Powerful and user-friendly editor (przemekZ)

A campaign/scenario editor for those, who want to create and translate good campaigns without knowledge about WML.

Addon Server

AddonServerSocial (lao)

Improving addon Server/Client by adding some social content.

AddonServer (giebfried)

This project is to improve the server and client sides of the addon server, as suggested above.

Map Editor

EvolutionaryMapEditor (xonev)

An evolutionary approach to improving the map editor.

VimzardMapEditor (vimzard)

A better random map generator, some essential features and a tie-in with the Scenario Editor.

NewMapEditor (Cecen)

This is basically a rewrite of the current map editor with various added features and tweaks to both increase the versatility of the editor and make it easier for the user to create maps with.

MapEditorRewrite (dlr365)

A rewrite of the map editor, then taking it in the direction of a combined map/scenario editor for both quick scenarios and more complex ones.

Map Editor Ilor (ilor)

A rewrite of the current editor with focus on clean code an maintainability, and then extra features. new proposal below

Map Generator

RandomCampaignGenerator (kartik thakore, refining idea)

Procedural map generation that will hope to give writers better control over the random map generator using an interface.


WesnothStatistics (radx)

Project related to Wesnoth statistics (campaign) submission, gathering and presentation.

WML_Engine_Rewrite (ilor)

Rewrite the WML Engine to allow higher speed at lower CPU/Memory costs.

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