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  • IRC-Nick: smoerl
  • GNA: malle
  • Wesnoth-Forum: Malle
  • E-Mail: m.wienecke [AT]


My name is Malte Wienecke. I'm 24 years old and live in Bochum, Germany.

I study IT Security at the Ruhr-Universität Bochum and next semester I will write my master thesis.

It's the first time I participate at the SoC. A friend told me about it and now I'm here, tring to be part of an open source project and finding a way to realize my ideas.


I have some experience in the development of application with Java and Python using pyQt 3.3. Besides of that I have experiance in C. I also had the chance to develop software in a small teams before, but most of the time I had to work on my own.

I'm used to Sub­­version and the bugtracking system Mantis and my favorite IDE is Eclipse.

For a small project I would use a simple Waterfall development model combined with an iterative.

It's the first time for me to work on an open source project, but I tried to create my own ajax based RPG game, like the old SNES Zelda or Final Fantasy 5, but I had some problems with the ajax part. (I'm working on it!... Hey, why don't create an browser based Battle for Wesnoth using Ajax? ;-))

Taking of games... I'm not really gamer, not any more. I like the old games like the old Lukas Arts game and games, where the story is important, like Final Fantasy (FF7 is my favorite). I'm not the 3D Shooter guy.

I know Wesnoth for 3 days now. I like the game, I just finished the south guard campain. (I know, I'm pretty slow... ;) I also took a look at the WML source of that campain and I'm impressed of the possibilities to create a story.

Communication skills

Coming to my comunication skills, I can write in English and I hope you understand what I'm tring to say, but my English could be better and I'm not the fastest writer. But I hope during the SoC I can improve my skills. My Spanish also needs some refreshment, but I had it 6 years at school. My German is fluent.

I don't know how good I can interact with players, I hope they don't kill me, when they see my results of the project. But I am here to learn so I try to accept advice :)

The Project

I would like to develop the scenario Editor using Qt4 with Python and pyQt. I had the idea to create an editor, that can be extended with plug-ins and for the usability to develop Wizards to create e.g. events.

I selected this project, because it allows to create stories. I always liked the editor of Starcraft (One of the best strategy games ever!) and the amount of possibilities to create the story. It would be nice hearing this for my work some day. :)

Why pyQt and not SDL with Wesnoth widget toolkit

I want to use pyQt because I have some experience using pyQt and Python and I know how it works. If I develop the editor with SDL and the Wesnoth widgets, I have to spend time for getting to know the Wesnoth-Gui toolkit. I also don't know how python is integrated in the Wesnoth GUI.

An advantage is, that the editor would look like Wesnoth and can use Wesnoth source, if I Use the wesnoth own GUI-Toolkit, but the lack of time forces me to choose the pyQt toolkit.


Before May 26

  • Getting to know with WML and the art of scenario creation
  • Analysis of the problem


  • Design of base editor

June 7

  • Base editor with load, save functionality

June 21

  • WML-Text-Plugin
  • Possibility to display maps (not edit)

July 5

  • Event-Plugin

July 19

  • Other features (Story-editor...)

August 11

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