Storm trident

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Storm Trident


Storm tridents were rare and magical weapons scattered throughout the waters of Irdya.


I know what that is. It's a storm trident. It is supposed to let you control the lightning.
—Cylanna identifies one of the storm tridents.

Unlike normal tridents, the storm tridents were used to summon lightning against their wielders' opponents. Though only the merfolk were capable of using them,[1] they occasionally were possessed by other aquatic races, such as nagas and sea serpents.[2][3] For instance, Bitey the Serpent protected one of these storm tridents at Morogor;[4] while passing by, one of the mermen working for Prince Haldric obtained it.[4]

When Konrad freed the merfolk in the Bay of Pearls, some nagas protected a storm trident some distance form the shore. One of the released merfolk was able to get past the nagas and claim the storm trident.[2] Later during Konrad's trek through the Ford of Abez, his merfolk claimed another trident in the Great River, despite multiple cuttlefish inhabiting the waters.[3]

signpost.png Plot branch : Konrad chose to travel by the Cliffs of Thoria.
Once again, while Konrad journeyed through the Arkan-thoria, his merfolk came upon yet another storm trident in the shallows, taking it in spite of being surrounded by hostile drakes.[5]

Kai Krellis's subjects found a storm trident in a pond not too far north from where the Great Ocean met the River Bork, half submerged. Cylanna correctly identified the storm trident and it was swiftly taken.[6]


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