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WSNPP: NWP #5 – Our love for villages

“Ahh villages. A place to rest, a place to get healed, a place to get booze, a place to get served by beautiful women and a place to get free cash every 4-6 hrs. What could be worse...” says a spearman. *That very night 6 Orcish worgs fell upon the village, killing the spearman with ease and took the village.*

So what’s to learn from this? Well, simply that no matter how good a village is if you can’t defend it you can’t have it. Ta-Da? Have a medal if you figured that out Einstein.

It is quite often that players take all the villages on their half of the map, fight the enemy in the middle of the map and find out that their income dropped by 20gp after a few turns. Why so? Well thanks to fog, you didn’t notice the 4 scouts running on the sides of the map whilst you were happily defeating your enemy’s army claiming 4 villages per turn.

If this ever happens to you, it is pretty much Game Over unless you can somehow kill the enemy leader or retake your villages and your enemy’s to catch up in the economy race.

Now just to clarify something, you should not station a unit on every village you own. This is a bad idea as it weakens your main force. It is alright to leave villages undefended so long as the enemy cannot pass your army. In some cases a scout or two may sneak past and start taking villages. Counter this by sending in one or two guys, possible your leader, to eliminate them and retake the villages.

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