How to play Southern Nations

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South. Nation + Advantages + - Disadvantages -
South. Drakes
  • Great mobility
  • Powerful units, also very good units against skeletons and other non-standard units.
  • Quick killing with slamming drakes
  • Expensive units, every unit is weak to something
  • No healing, drakes have to pull back from the front lines to heal or cure from poison
  • Weak during the night, can be overrun by more units easily
South. Dwarves
  • Very strong during the night, fast in hills and caves
  • Powerful melee specialist
  • Main and additional healer
  • Often slow on grass
  • Sages are too slow
  • Not a good faction for beginners
South. Elves
  • Versatile, for every situation. Useful supporting units.
  • Healing, leadership, berserk, skirmisher, slowing...
  • Great in ranged combat
  • Fragile outside the forests
  • Many units are balanced, not good for fast killing
  • Losing important unit is a big problem for entire army
South. Mages
  • Ranged damage output is very high
  • Fire, cold, arcane damage for ranged mages, melee battle mages are fun to play and improving rapidly
  • Mages can change to other mage when upgrading
  • Weak units in melee combat
  • Mages are very expensive, not good for every situation
  • Not a good faction for beginners
South. Merce naries
  • Some units are extremely cheap, good for swarming
  • Very powerful mercenary troops: lancer, saberman and leader. Leadership is very effective.
  • Interesting faction to play, with focus on economy
  • Level 0 units have no Zone of Control, making them terrible in defending
  • Mercenary units are expensive and have high upkeep
  • No healing, not good against very specific enemies, can lose many units in single turn.
South. Orcs
  • Overall good units, orcish patriarchs can improve them even more
  • Solid infantry for many situations
  • Easy access to poison
  • Being neutral, they are not the best during the day or night
  • Only simple healing
  • Units are more costly than classic northerners units
South. Swamp lords
  • Interesting dynamics between beasts, trolls and saurians
  • Regenerating trolls are a good pair with saurian dark mages and poison from scorpions
  • Extremely dangerous during night
  • No blade attacks and no unit that is very good on grass
  • Weak during the day
  • Some of your units are good in offense, but extremely fragile in defense.
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