How to play Southern Swamplords

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Southern swamplords are chaotic. Trolls, saurians, crocodiles and scorpions are stronger during the night.

Core units

Crocodile - Useful only for very skilled player to make a nice trap in the swamps. Not very strong unit with only limited hitpoints.

Saurian Dark Mage I-IV - Incredibly offensive unit with very strong cold ranged damage. This is a pure DPS unit with low health and ability to slow and steal life with their ranged attack. Also slowing enemies. Not effective against undead armies. Fragile, especially against berserkers. Level 4 have both cold and fire damage.

Saurian Fighter I-III - Core unit. Good saurian fighter. Much stronger than skirmisher, yet similar unit. No skirmisher ability, but have first strike in melee fighting. Very weak ranged attack.

Saurian Skirmisher I-II - Classic skirmisher with very little changes. More strikes, less damage per strike.

Scorpion - Cheap village grabber. Can poison enemy if you are very lucky.

Troll Fighter I-III - Another core unit. Classic troll with regeneration. Offensive unit, that can be easily damaged by cold and arcane attack.

Troll Warlock I-III - Your fire damage dealer. Not very dangerous, but can regenerate. Similar like troll fighter, very weak to cold and arcane attack. Ranged attack is only marksman, not magic.

Level 2+ units

Saurian Light Mage - Your healer. Classic saurian unit with very little changes. Arcane melee and ranged attack.

Troll Dragonslayer - Level 3 troll, great against drakes, skeletons and other special units. Cold and arcane damage.

Basic strategy

Swamplords do not have any unit with leadership and only healer is not very important for trolls.

Use scorpions to get villages. Your saurians can hold them, but trolls cannot. However, swamplords are mostly offensive chaotic faction, so keep attacking. All your units are good in fighting. Dynamic between saurians, trolls and beasts make you able to prepare for almost any foe with ease.

Fight at night and use skirmishers to block retreat of your wounded units. Light Mages can remove poison from your units.

Beasts cannot be upgraded, but your units can. Especially dark mages are good when upgrading. Your faction is good with pierce, impact and cold attacks.

Against special enemies, add these units:

  • Troll warlocks are both mages and a "roadblock". You need them against undead units.
  • Woses are good against your units, so your weak fire and strong cold is your only chance.
  • Dark Adepts can damage your saurians and trolls. Surround them with skirmishers.
  • Any strong enemy can be killed with slow from dark mages.


High priority: dark mages for much higher damage output. Saurian skirmishers can be upgraded easily.

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