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Elensefar is a coastal city-state among the realm of Wesnoth, situated along the Great River Delta. It is believed to have been founded soon after humans came to the Great Continent. Its name, Elensefar, also shows some connections to the elves, as the elvish capital of Lintanir forest is named Elensia. In addition, Delfador even once referred to it as the "Elense city-state", further showing connections to the elves. In all likelihood, Elensefar is a mixed city, containing populations of both elves and men.

The main city-state is a part of the broader province of Elensefar, including the surrounding lands. Its Eastern border is the city Carcyn, a point sometimes disputed by Wesnoth. Along the north lies the Great River, while the south stretches to the Bay of Pearls. The Western end of the province is the shore of the Great Ocean. Though it often allies with Wesnoth (and is considered by many to be entirely subject to Weldyn), it is not always under complete control of the Wesnothian Crown. Indeed, on more than one occasion the diverse rulers of the city have taken pains to distance themselves from Weldyn. Two such notable occasions were in 123 YW (under the leadership of the elf Meneldur) and 501 YW (under Lord Maddock), when Elenesfar directly announced itself an independent power from Wesnoth, being somewhat at odds with that great country.

One notable person to lead Elensefar was the elf Meneldur. An outcast from the Wesmere elves, he lived in the city for ten years as a sailor until it was captured by orcs in 122 YW. Setting sail once again, Meneldur found the aid of a piratical mage known as "Black the Red". After a long voyage gaining help from Black's less-than-desirable friends, Meneldur retook the city in 123 YW, and declared it independent from Wesnoth. It wasn't until forty years had gone by, in 163 YW, that Elensefar rejoined itself to the Crown of Wesnoth.

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