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Translation of The South Guard

This is a list of the people currently translating The South Guard into different languages:

Afrikaans (af)?unknown
Brazilian Portuguese (pt_BR)?unknown
British English (en_GB)?unknown
Bulgarian (bg)?unknown
Catalan (ca)?unknown
Chinese (zh_CN)?unknown
Czech (cs)?unknown
Danish (da)?unknown
Dutch (nl)Kvasircomplete
Estonian (et)?unknown
Finnish (fi)?unknown
French (fr)Gdoucomplete
German (de)Crommycomplete
Greek (el_GR)?unknown
Hungarian (hu)?unknown
Italian (it)luciano/Gwaincomplete
Japanese (ja)?unknown
Latin (la)?unknown
Norwegian (no)?unknown
Polish (pl)grzywaczin progress
Russian (ru)?unknown
Serbian (sr)?unknown
Slovak (sk)?unknown
Slovenian (sl)?unknown
Spanish (es)Lancelotin progress
Swedish (sv)?unknown
Turkish (tr)?unknown

Status Descriptions

  • unknown

It is not known if someone is actually translating this campaign.

  • work in progress

Someone is working on it, but it is not done, yet.

  • correction

Translation is already completed, but it is being corrected at the moment.

  • completed

It is already completed and updated when there are changes.

  • completed (not active)

It is already completed and but not updated when there are changes.

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