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Identity :

I'am a belgian user of this game since a rather long time, closely following the project since version 0.6.4.

Completed campains :

I have completed mainline campains :

- HttT

- TRoW

- Two Brothers

- The South Guard

And User made campagns :

- Delfador Memories (which campaign is not complete, but I played all available scenarios)

Abandonned campains :

I have played a bit on but have not gone to the end :

- SotBE


- EI

- A New Order

Currently playing

I am currently playing :

- The Scepter of Fire

- Under The Burning Suns

Contributions :

In return of the joy this game brings to me, this is the first Open Source Project on which I actively contribute.


My contributions are rather limited, only french translation of user made campains.

- A New Order

- The South Guard (which in the meantime has been put in mainline)

- The Scepter of Fire (which in the meantime has been put in mainline)

- Northern Rebirth (which in the meantime has been put in mainline). My translation was not selected by the french translation team, but the version from Damien was.

- Son Of The Black Eye updated (which in the meantime has been put in mainline)

On going

I am now working on the translation in French of

- Liberty

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