Timeline of Ancient Irdya (Un-official)

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BW: Before Wesnoth YW: Years Wesnoth


Timeline of Irdya

This is meant to be a list of the historical events of Irdya that took place before the Kingdom of Wesnoth was established as well as many events related to the Great Continent and Irdya. It is not official, but provides enough details for any curious UMC creator.


Great Continent

This is Irdya's largest known continent. However, only a small portion of it has been explored.

The Sandy Wastes

This is a great desert that exists between Wesnoth and the Silver Lands. It is rumored that the Khalifate, a faction of Haldric's people that were separated and compelled to adapt to the barren conditions, may reside in settlements here. However, there is no evidence of their existence.

The Silver Lands

The community lying to the east of Wesnoth is known as the Silver Lands. On its north, lies the southeastern part of the Lins-Elen (Lintair Forest) and the Eventide cities of Noct and Diurna, a volcano known as the Fire Cloud Peak that is home to the Silver Drakes and Ssyuriss Fenn, a swamp home to the hyena-like Gnolls and saurian tribes. The Bitter Swamp and the Sandy Wastes desert separate this region from Wesnoth. The Triththa Mountains lie at its heart and is the home of the Dwarves of Triththa. Lake Aoir lies to the South and the Minotaur country is situated around this lake.

Explorers say that this may be the eastern edge of the Great Continent, but no evidence has supported their stories... yet.

Kingdom of Wesnoth

This is the most prominent kingdom in Irdya, almost associated with the entire western part of the Continent. Its capital is Weldyn located in the kingdom's eastern regions. Its most significant city is Dan'Tonk.

Timeline of Wesnoth

Geography of Wesnoth


A lorddom near Wesnoth's western border. This city state is sometimes a part of Wesnoth or sometimes considered to be an independent nation. Either way, it has been an ally of Wesnoth almost throughout its history.

The Northlands

The region lying between the northern shore of the Great River and the south of the Heart Mountains is known as the Northlands. Notable locations include Wesmere Forest, home of the Kalian council, and Dwarven Doors.

The Far North

The region beyond the Heart Mountains is known as the Far North. This is home mostly to the orcish tribes, although a xenophobic faction of elves does reside within the Silent Forest in the aftermath of the First Elven Civil War.

The Far South

The region that lies beyond the southern border of Wesnoth and the Aethenwood is known as the Far South. There is no factual account of what actually exists here, but many adventurers who had opportunity to explore the region state there is only a vast desert known as the Ashland Desert, which is actually an extension of the Sandy Wastes.


A vast island, directly west from the Far North region of the Great Continent, and separated from the mainland by the Great Ocean. It is considered by most explorers as a small continent. A prominent geographical feature is a mountain range that separates the majority of the continent from the eastern part.

Arkenova has many geographical features that has attracted many adventurers and researchers since the time of its existence was made known. Prominent geographical features include:

  • Sundering Mountains: A mountain range that separates the majority of the continent from the eastern part.
  • Dark Forest: A vast forest enclosed by mountains at northeastern Arkenova. Inhabitants include the Dark Woses, Elven Spirits and Dark Faeries.
  • Satras Swamp: A region of predominantly marshlands with occasional patches of forests at Northern Arkenova. Inhabited by Saurians and named after Satras, the first high chief of the Saurians.
  • Twilight Forest: An expansive forest that once covered the heart of the continent, ancestral home of the elven people of Arkenova and destroyed in the aftermath of a war against the Elemental Master Vaddyn.
  • White Realm: A snow-capped landmass at northwestern Arkenova; destroyed in the aftermath of the Great Arkenovan War.
  • Land of the Dragons: A northern desert named for its excruciatingly hot climate and its principal inhabitants — the Drakes.
  • Land of the Burning Sky: A southern desert that once home to the desert elves, who were eradicated in the aftermath of the Great Arkenovan War.
  • Forest of Anuvien: A forest at the southeastern part of Arkenova that is the current abode of the last wood elves and other woodlanders. Named after Anuvien, the first sorceress to settle there.

Prominent Cities:

  • New Genesis: A human-dwarven city at the heart of Arkenova that is completely surrounded by a barrier of impervious mountains and is the home of the renowned adventurer and strategist, Jahin. To the east of New Genesis, lies the gateway to the former kingdom of the Vampires - who were driven away from the continent in the aftermath of the Great Arkenovan War. Afflicted with the Alliance of Light and the very location where it was founded.
  • Zetharon: A Minotaur city at southeastern Arkenova; afflicted with the Alliance of Light.
  • Giovielia: An elven city inside the Forest of Anuvien; afflicted with the Alliance of Light.
  • Tugrontid: A troll city, located beneath the Orcish Mountains and afflicted with the Alliance of Light.
  • Terrogean: A former dwarven city beneath the southern part of the Sundering Mountains; destroyed in the aftermath of the Great Arkenovan War.
  • Cytos: The drake capital city, located at the heart of the Land of the Dragons.
  • Sil: Destroyed drake city and resting place of Kor Vas, the first ruler of the Drakes of Arkenova.


The actual name of the continent that is referred in Wesfolk lore as the Old Continent. It is smaller than the Great Continent but, no data has ever confirmed this. This land was where Haldric's people first originated from. The human Empire of Anaktoran was once a glorious empire, stretching from the eastern edge of the continent to the very heart of it. The western parts are orcish homelands and some Minotaurs are also seen in these regions. The Orcs reside in the hills, while the Minotaurs reside in the forests. It is not confirmed what lies at its northern shores but the southern one is the location of a vast forest. Not many things about this forest are known, save for the fact that it is rumoured to be the abode of many strange creatures — abominations and undead-like begins. King Dowrein I, the first king ever to lead an expedition to the forest and survive its ordeal, names this forest the Forest of Nightmares.

The Green Isle

A large island lying somewhere on the Great Ocean, between the landmasses of Argea and the Great Continent (Argh! Somebody please make a better name this!) and is thought to be the place where the Wose first came into existence (the evidence backing this up is very fragile and thus, could be ignored).

The central and southern area are home to the Isle-folk (Halric's people) — refugees from Anaktoran who settled there, and over time these Isle-folk settlements had developed into small cities such Southbay, Stormvale and Clearwater. Years later, the Wesfolk, led by Jevyan, arrive in the northern shores of the Green Isle and a lengthy war is fought between the two sides. The Isle-folk prevail, pushing the Wesfolk to settle in small communities, although two of these settlements developed into cities, namely Jevyan's Haven and Blackmore.

The natives of the Green Isle are seldom encountered and are thought to reside in locations that were never explored before, namely the northern regions, excluding the location of Jevyan's Haven. The very few people who had crossed paths with these natives refer to them as a nobility. Despite the natives demonstrating themselves as a noble race, they remain as minor settlements who are at a fragile peace and wars are common between them. The natives have many fine sailors and their vessels, although very crude in design, are very fast. They also have a taste for herbal and fire magic and their skills with weapons such as swords and spears are somewhat fascinating. Centuries later, they were eventually called the Aragwaithi.

In the exodus of Haldric's people and the Wesfolk from the Green Isle, only the Aragwaithi remained there, since they were not willing to leave their homeland and most kingdoms went into hiding, to locations where the orcs would seldom look. A settlement of the Aragwaithi, however, was compelled to flee from the Green Isle and ended up arriving at the northeastern shores of Arkenova.

Lands of the Icy North

The northern most landmass of Irdya, or in simple terms, the 'North Pole.' This region has long been the home of the Windsong Foundation however, neither the foundation's exact location nor its existence has been confirmed.

Unknown Landmass

Nothing is known about this continent at the moment.


Circa ~5000 BW : The First Elemental War
  • Five prominent kingdoms rule throughout Irdya, names of the kingdoms never found. Razekel, the first head of the Chaplain of Darkness and ruler of one of the kingdoms, commissions Moradin of the Dwarves to create a sceptre of unsurpassed power.
  • The Sceptre of Power is crafted after 50 years of hard-work and research.
  • Razekel declares war on the other kingdoms, unleashing his undead and elemental warriors.
  • The remaining kingdoms unite against Razekel, forming the first ever Alliance of Irdya.
  • Various battles at different locations of Irdya destroy the lands, reshaping it in many cases.
  • The Four kingdoms are vanquished by Razekel. Razekel's apprentice, Vaddyn, realises what a monster his master had become and ambushes Razekel with his army. Razekel is destroyed; his sceptre is disassembled.
  • Vaddyn decides the stones of Power (Dragon Eye, White Sapphire, Dark Emerald, Opal of Air) must be dispersed throughout Irdya to prevent the occurrence of a second catastrophic war. He transforms the Dragon Eye into a feral dragon and allows it to leave; the Opal of Air is granted to the survivors of the Four Kingdoms, who end eventually end up being the Eltireans; the Dark Emerald is hidden underneath the Souther Mountains of the Great Continent; and finally, Vaddyn takes the White Sapphire and places it within the Realm of Fire, confident of the protectorship of the Fire Elementals.
  • Survivors of the Four Kingdoms spilt into many groups and go there separate ways.
Circa ~4400 BW : Creation of the Vampires
  • Human city of Dhagonth, situated a considerable distance northeastwards from the Lins-Elen begin experimentation with blood magic, which eventually leads to the creation of the vampires. The vampiric 'disease' engulfs the city like a plague and a point is reached where the vampires have seized authority and the remaining humans are degraded to serfs.
4000 BW
  • Vampiric settlers arrive at the eastern shores of Arkenova and their leader, Acromel, befriends Bregadol of the Woses. Bregadol allows Acromel to build settlements at Arkenova for his people. Unbeknownst to Acromel, his second-in-command, Kasch, orders the Woses to be eradicated and the vampires, assuming that Acromel gave the order, obey. A terrible battle follows and only Bregadol is left standing. Angered and abashed by his friend's actions, Bregadol enters a state of prolonged stasis. Acromel finds out about this treachery and tries his utmost best to apologise by restraining his thirst for blood. Eventually, Acromel withers away due to his thirst and Kasch seizes leadership of the vampires of Arkenova.
3500 BW : Origins of the Minotaurs
  • Human settlement of Karkas, somewhere near the Flamebreath Desert, is struck by droughts and famine, resulting in a multitude of deaths. The humans find cattle and consider the bulls to be deities: an action which causes their original deity to become infuriated and she curses the humans, transforming them into the Minotaurs.
  • As a means of communicating with their god, their deity created 3 crystals: allowing only a Minotaur king or an apostle to use them.
Circa ~2800 BW
  • Elves inhabit Lin-Elens (Lintair Forest).
  • Minotaurs start residing on the plains around the Lake Aoir.
  • Dwarves live in the mountains around Firecloud Peak. They are prohibited by treaty with the elves from claiming the hills south of the great river.
  • The Eltireans live in floating isles hidden above the eastern side of the Flamebreath Desert.
  • Saurians live in the Ssyuriss Fenn.
2600 BW
  • Empire of Anaktoran is founded.
2400 BW
  • Civil war erupts in Anaktoran, leaving hundreds of thousands dead. First dark age. Anaktoran eventually re-united at some point.
Circa ~2000 BW
  • Galderien dynasty begins in Anaktoran; Anaktoran absorbs lesser the kingdom of Helletia. Capital moved to Gyaldon, later renamed as "The Imperial City".
1550 BW
  • Vaddyn, an Ancient Lich with mysterious elemental powers, arrives at Arkenova from a distant land and builds the Academy of Magic for his small group of followers.
1185 BW - 1184 BW : Library of Kratemaqht
  • War breaks out between the Empire of Anaktoran and Lich Lord Cahal. At first, the forces of the empire are victorious and Jevyan is crowned emperor. On his first day as emperor, he succumbs to old age and accepts Lich Lord Cahal's offer of becoming a Lich Lord. Antheia, granddaughter of Ariphon - advisor to the emperor — takes most of the remaining population and sets sail away from Anaktoran, leaving it to be devastated by the Lich Lords.
1182 BW
  • Human refugees from the destroyed empire of Anaktoran arrive at the western shores of Arkenova. Finding the land fit for colonisation, they start to build a new empire.
1180 BW - 1149 BW
  • Another group of human refugees from the destroyed empire of Anaktoran arrive at the northern shores of the eastern Great Continent.
  • Refugees make contact with the Elves of Lin-Elens and are granted the plains east of the forest in exchanged for their allegiance and gold.
  • Refugees build a few colonies at various locations near the rivers, Cythring, Xalal and Silverrill.
  • Wandering magic-casters, former disciples of Vaddyn from Arkenova, arrive at the settlements and teach magic.
  • The refugee-turned-colonists rapidly expand their territory.
  • Ideological conflict about types of magic starts fracturing the new nation.
  • The opposing sides eventually consolidate around the cities of Noct and Diurna, on opposite sides of the river.
984 BW
  • The Empire of New Anaktoran is founded.
865 BW
  • Mage scholars of New Anaktoran, sensing the strong elemental magic, leave the empire and enrol as residents and students of the Academy.
820 BW
  • The elves of the Twilight Forest, growing fearful of the rising Vaddyn, send forth their armies against him. Vaddyn's elemental army decimates the elven attackers and the elemental master, in his rage, casts a supreme fire spell that destroys the sacred home of the elves.
  • Orcish Warlords invade the elven lands with their relentless hordes. The remnants of the elven society flee further eastwards and divide into two groups, one going north and the other going south.
  • The northern faction of elves are forced into the underground realm by the saurians and with the help of the Faeries, they create the Last Forest.
  • The southern faction of elves arrive at the Land of the Burning Sky (a term used by the elves instead of desert) and build a settlement, gradually developing into a thriving and prosperous city.
650 BW - 630 BW
  • Settlers of New Anaktoran arrive at a new land, south of Arkenova and start establishing settlements, eventually emancipating themselves from the empire.
590 BW - 585 BW
  • Orcs wage a war against the mighty dragon Kor Vas. Saurians, trolls and goblins are drawn into the conflict.
  • Five years later, the orcs sign a peace treaty, but end up breaking it a month later.
460 BW
  • A human lord, Tegwyn, gathering his loyal followers, leaves the Empire of New Anaktoran and journeys into the former capital of the elves. Acquiring the aid of the Elemental Wizards, he constructs Genesis - the first human city to be built at the former kingdom of the elves.
443 BW
  • Lord Tegwyn passes away, succumbed by old age. His son, Gwydoc, becomes his successor.
260 BW - 258 BW
  • Vampires attack Genesis and overwhelm the defenders, capturing the city. A troll tribe is also imprisoned inside Genesis by the vampires.
  • Kratemaqht, guardian of the Library at the ancient capital of Anaktoran, is visited by a mage, who had heard about the Library from a story, and the great dragon allows the mage and his students to live and study there.
210 BW
  • Lich Lord Cahal visits the library of ancient Anaktoran in search of a book, but the great dragon denies him any access. Enraged, the lich summons his minions, which Kratemaqht easily overcomes. Defeated, the lich lord vows to return and kill him.
209 BW - 198 BW
  • Kratemaqht forges an alliance of the various races in the Old Continent and declares war on the Lich Lords.
  • After a long war, Lich Lord Cahal is destroyed, and Jevyan takes the remainder of his followers and sets sail to the Green Isle.
180 BW
  • Dwarves from Firecloud Peak cross the Great River and colonise the hills of Triththa.
146 BW
  • The Ruby of Fire finds its way into the hands of Lich lord Lenvan.
120 BW - 119 BW
  • The Silver Drakes attack Firecloud peak and the surrounding area, drafting most of the saurians from Ssyuriss Fenn into their ranks.
  • The dwarven defences crumble under the combined offensive. When it becomes clear that the war is lost, the survivors evacuate to Triththa.
  • The saurians suffer the brunt of the casualties in the war and the remainder are enslaved by the Silver Drakes.
  • The saurians remaining in Ssyuriss Fenn are soundly defeated by a Triththan offensive in the following year. The remnants of their civilisation are a number of disorganised tribes.
100 BW
  • Vaddyn is impressed with the abilities of a young mage, Morin, and takes him under his wing.
62 BW
  • Lich Lord Lenvan is trapped beneath Greenwood Forest in the Green Isle; with him goes the Ruby of Fire.
60 BW
  • Jacques is born in the village of Mosh, a small human village located at Argea's southern peninsula.
43 BW - 37 BW
  • Jacques is ambushed and captured by goblin slavers. A Rough Life begins.
40 BW - 37 BW
  • Morin leaves the Academy, having mastered all forms of elemental magic as well as the necromantic arts.
  • Vaddyn later finds out that Morin had stolen some of the Academy's secret lore and sets out to find him. He fails and returns a year later.
37 BW - 24 BW : An Elven Elementalist
  • The Academy's High Mistress finds a wood elf infant in her garden. She finds herself bonded with the child and raises Gioviel, the elf infant, as her own.
  • Gioviel shows magical potential, despite being an infant, and is trained in the elemental arts.
  • Gioviel accidentally drinks an evil potion and is banished from the academy. She searches for a new home, and finds the Last Forest - An underground forest, created and inhabited by a faction of the Twilight Elves. She battles the undead and earns her place alongside them.
20 BW
  • Fardin, Affan, Ashhab, Maruful, and Mahir, friends of Jahin are born.
19 BW
  • Jahin, later known as the Lord of New Genesis, is born.
15 BW
  • Barus, a power-hungry orc warlord, ascends to be the High Chief of all the orcs in Arkenova.
  • The new Chaos Empire under the command of Shirzo, alongside their demonic allies brought into Irdya from the Inferno, set out to conquer Arkenova.
14 BW - 09 BW : Epic of Jalin
  • Settlements of Gaelia and Marhelm northeast of the lands soon to be called Wesnoth fall. Demon Lord Vaxmos is ousted by Jalin, restoring relative peace. Jalin then sails west and stumbles upon Arkenova.
08 BW
  • Jalin unites the dwarves, elves, mermen, carapaces and human settlers of Arkenova against the greater menace: Shirzo's empire.
07 BW - 04 YW : Descent of the Eltireans
  • The Silver Drakes find a way to into the Flying Isles and realise its true value as a nesting ground.
  • Eltireans are attacked by endless legions of the Silver Drakes. High Council of the Eltireans decide to send colonists to the ground to establish settlements as a contingency plan. Eltire, a mage of Light possessing demigod-like powers, opens the gate to the Surface Realm and preparations for the exodus are made.
  • The first group of settlers establish a settlement near the eastern edge of Flamebreath Desert.
07 BW - 06 BW
  • In the Green Isle, the Aragwaithi settlement of Lord Warren is threatened by orcish invaders. The Aragwaithi lose and are forced to flee. Having sailed for over eight months, they arrive at Arkenova.
06 BW - 01 BW: Book I of the Lithian Codex (A Nation Divided)
  • Minotaur warlords split up land and contend against each other for dominance over their territory near Lake Aoir. Civil war between the minotaurs breaks out and eventually, three families achieve prominence: the Ranorm family in the south west (guardians of Lithia and the crystals), the Turan family in the north, and the Kimmor family in the east.
  • The civil war persists, Talok Ranorm, head of the Ranorm family is slain. His eldest son, Rilend, ascends as the new leader of the Ranorms.
  • Rilend leads a massive expedition and defeats the Turans and Kimmors.
  • In uniting the land, he is granted the title of Rilend Iron-fist and made the first king of Lithia (where the Lithian codex and the three crystals are kept).
  • The Minotaur Elder Zeal becomes the first apostle sacrificing his sight to be able to see his creator through the crystals.
01 YW - 04 YW : The Legend Begins
  • Jahin inspires the slaves of Genesis to revolt and frees Genesis.
  • Accompanied by his friends, he leaves the city in search of allies.
  • Relentless attacks orchestrated independently by Drakes, the Chaos Empire, Orcs, and the Vampires ignite the Great Arkenovan War.
  • Jahin returns with the aid of the Orcs, Trolls, Drakes, Saurians, and Elves and breaks the vampiric occupation over Genesis, and renames it New Genesis, gaining the title 'the Lord of New Genesis' in the process.
  • Gathering enough allies, Jahin is able to defeat the Vampires, driving the majority away from Arkenova for good.
  • Jahin is successful in closing the portal to the Inferno opened by Shirzo and destroys the last of the Chaos remnants (preventing distortion to the Space-Time continuum).
  • The army of New Genesis confronts the drake army of the great dragon Kah Zinn and Jahin conquers the dragon, putting an end to the Great Arkenovan War.
  • Jahin restores peace to Arkenova and establishes the Alliance of Light.
05 YW
  • Fort Bloodmore is demolished and a tall building known as the White Tower is established in its place to serve as a headquarters for the Alliance of Light.
  • Affan is elected as the Lord Protector of the Alliance of Light and representative of the humans. However, Affan declares that Jahin should remain as the Supreme Commander.
  • Krog is elected as the troll representative.
  • Rharcyn's son, Radoc the Valiant, is placed as the Minotaur representative.
  • Galec places his sister, Sadrienia, as the representative of the Elves and Woodlanders.
  • Jahin takes the Irdyan Explorer and its crew on a journey throughout Arkenova in order to examine the state of the continent after the War.
  • The School of Light is established at New Genesis by Sreeyoshee. Magically gifted students start enrolling on the first day.
  • Trolls open School of Fire at Tugrontid. Both human and troll students are taken. Ashhab takes residence there as an instructor.
  • Jahin returns and proposes the building of more human settlements at Arkenova. His proposal is met with approval.
  • Hero of Irdya begins. Jahin is approached by the Welkin King who tells him to prepare an army to combat Mor-Inal and his minions. Jahin accepts.
06 YW
  • Various locations of Irdya (excluding Wesnoth, since Mor-Inal does not know of its existence) are attacked by wizards under the command of the Dark Elementalist, indicating the dawn of the Second Elemental War.
  • Jahin assembles his army and embarks for the Silver Lands.
07 YW - 10 YW
  • Jalin and Shifti, accompanied by soldiers and settlers, lead an expedition southwest to establish a new settlement at the former location of Jalin's kingdom.
  • Maruful, accompanied by soldiers and colonists, venture northwards to erect another settlement near the edge of the northern desert.
  • Fardin takes dwarven and human pioneers southwards to build a settlement near the mountains southern mountains and excavate the ruins of Terrogean to find lost treasures.
  • The northern Settlement of Neonord is successfully established.
  • The southern mountain settlement of Terra's Gem is successfully erected.
  • The southwestern settlement of New Wesland is built.
  • All human settlements declare independence from New Genesis.
  • Trade routes are established between all settlements and cities sometime around 10 YW.
07 YW - ?? YW : Great Strife
  • Saurians residing at Firecloud Peak, revolt against the remaining drake overseers and liberate themselves from slavery.
  • Mor-Inal's wizards destroy the cities of Noct and Diurna. The survivors of the cities set their differences aside and band together as the Eventide. The Eventide army set out to extract their vengeance on Irdya.
  • Eltireans prepare for the defence against the Silver Drakes and the Minotaurs.
  • The Silver Drakes send a significant portion of their armies towards the Flying Isles.
  • Under the banner of Rilend Iron-fist, the minotaurs start expanding their territory. Lacking the expertise and materials to cross the Bitter Swamps, the Minotaurs send their armies north and southeastwards.
  • The dwarves of Triththa suddenly see themselves threatened by multiple militaristic belligerents.
  • The aforementioned events within the Silver Lands incite the Great Strife.
11 YW - 14 YW
  • Lord Maruful orchestrates an expedition to built a tunnel through the mountains and reconnect with the elves.
  • The Iron Doors (the aforementioned tunnel) is successfully constructed and a new trade route between Terra's Gem and Giovielia is established.
  • Lord Maruful, on request of Sreeyoshee and Ashhab, barricades all possible entrances into the Realm of Fire.

Southern Great Continent

23 YW
  • Human settlement of the Estmarks begins.
99 YW - 127 YW
  • Large increase in the use of magic in the Estmarks.
127 YW
  • An orcish invasion pushes the settlers south, out of the Estmarks, before the Grand Army of Wesnoth can arrive.
  • The settlers find a number of new settlements on the edge of the Kerlath hills and the Sandy Wastes.
  • The orcish horde is driven out by the numerically superior Grand Army of Wesnoth, but some tribes desert and colonise the areas furthest from wesnoth.
  • Contact between the settlers and the Kingdom of Wesnoth is lost completely.
  • The settlers acquire a distaste for magic, thinking its use brought on the orcish hordes.
395 YW - 398 YW
  • The various tribes around the Sandy Wastes desert are unified as the Khalifate. Magic is outlawed.
546 YW - 550 YW
  • Contact between the Khalifate and Wesnoth is reestablished, trade flourishes.
551 YW
  • Ravan is banished from the Khalifate for the use of magic.


Information is derived from the following UMC add-ons:

  • Era of Strife
  • Library of Kratemaqht
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  • An Elven Elementalist
  • Epic of Jalin
  • The Legend Begins
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  • Hero of Irdya