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<onlyinclude><div class="thumb t{{{pos|right}}}" style="width: 30em"><div>{{{image|}}}<div class="thumbcaption">{{{message|}}}.</div></div></div></noinclude><onlyinclude>{{Image/doc}}{{Template}}</onlyinclude>
<onlyinclude><div class="thumb t{{{pos|right}}}" style="width: {{{width|30em}}}"><div>{{{image|}}}<div class="thumbcaption">{{{message|}}}</div></div></div></onlyinclude><noinclude>{{Image/doc}}{{Template}}</noinclude>

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This template creates an image with a caption below.


pos denotes the alignment. Must be either left or right. Is right by default.

width denotes the width of the image. Is 30em by default.

image denotes the location of the image.

message denotes the caption below the image.


|message=A ship sets sail.
A ship sets sail.
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