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This page is meant to be a list for mistakes in campaigns and other texts in the en_US version of the game.

An Orcish Incursion


All is lost! Without Linaera's help, I cannot hope to defeat these horrifying appraritions!


Descent into Darkness

Eastern Invasion

Heir to the Throne


Northern Rebirth

Sceptre of Fire

Son of the Black Eye

The Hammer of Thursagan

Underlevels: "It seems to be some sort of a teleportation device." has a double space near it. 06_High_Pass.cfg:269: double spaces 07_Mages_and_Drakes.cfg:105: space at the beginning of the sentence 07_Mages_and_Drakes.cfg:109: 2x double spaces 11_The_Court_of_Karrag.cfg:172: space at the beginning of the sentence 12_The_Underlevels.cfg:484: space at the beginning of the sentence 13_Epilogue.cfg:103: space at the beginning of the sentence 13_Epilogue.cfg:159: space at the beginning of the sentence

  1. data/campaigns/The_Hammer_of_Thursagan/scenarios/05_Invaders.cfg:344

msgid "But, given a choice, we fight the weaker foe first,"

first, -> first.

There is a lot of 2x whitespaces in this file (around 100). A search and replace seems to be the quickest way to fix this.

  1. data/campaigns/The_Hammer_of_Thursagan/scenarios/06_High_Pass.cfg:115

msgid "" "Behold, the High Pass. By the old maps, we are halfway to Kal Kartha here. "

Kal Kartha here. " -> Kal Kartha here."

  1. data/campaigns/The_Hammer_of_Thursagan/scenarios/13_Epilogue.cfg:148

msgid "I am he. Speak your meesage."

meesage -> message

Joe (danish translation)

The Rise of Wesnoth

The South Guard

Two Brothers

Under the Burning Suns

scen3_alt/challenge.cfg : 390 I've seen him jumping into deep darknes awhile ago pursuing agroup of enemies. -> spelling

scen3_alt/possession.cfg Hahaha!.. -> Three dots instead of two?

scen3_alt/orc_party.cfg : 176 But first lets try to survive this mess. -> Add apostrophe or whatever is it called.

scenarios/02_Across_the_Harch_Sands.cfg:957 Nym! No! don't open... d->D

"Garak colapses to the ground with own blade sticking form his chest." (collapse, form, and missing his)

"No·fool!·Stop!" missing comma?

"Stand·an·face·me·shade!" and, and missing comma?




type: Content of: <book><chapter><section><section><section><simpara>


msgid "" "This creates a game just running on your computer. You can either use it as " "hotseat game where everyone playws

playws -> plays

in the same string: games. Of course -> games. Of course (2x whitespace).

Joe (danish translation)

Other (ingame help, ...)

This one has just changed text, but also introduced some 2x whitespaces. Joe (Danish Translation)

  1. data/core/units/humans/Horse_Paladin.cfg:22

msgid "" "Knights of the highest virtue, Paladins have sworn their strength not to " "king and crown, but to ideals themselves; of chivalry, and the stewardship " "of everything that is good. They do serve in the armies of the world, but " "their first loyalties often lie with groups of their own making; secret, " "monastic orders that cross political and cultural boundaries. Rulers are " "sometimes wary of them, for the paladins' loyalty is only as strong as the " "liege's apparent virtue. This has led the more darkly ambitious to either " "attempt to defame and disperse these groups, or more rarely, to conjure " "elaborate deceptions to keep these otherwise staunchly loyal troops in " "service.\n" " \n" " Full paladins are generally not quite as fearsome as the 'Grand Knights' " "that champion most armies, but they are first-class fighters nonetheless. " "Additionally, their wisdom and piety grants these warrior monks certain " "curious abilities; a paladin is very powerful in fighting magical or " "unnatural things, and most have some skill at medicine and healing."

help.cfg : 678 Toggles the display of the current frames per second. -> Toggle - consistency with other items

units.cfg While Drakes seem to be a relatively warlike race, and their societies can be best described as a cultured martial society. -> remove "while", probably remnant from rewriting the text (starts another paragraph).

units.cfg (drakes' text) they cultivate deep in their cavers. -> caverns?

units.cfg : 132 fight and shoot a bow >from an early age. -> remove stray character ">"

units.cfg : 221 As trolls grow older they tend to become increasingly passive, gradually losing interest in their environment them and spending more of their time sleeping in a quiet, familiar corner of their home cave. -> "them" does not make sense here

units.cfg : 126 Although they originally came from the Old Continent, men have spread all over the world and split into many different cultures and races. -> uhm, isn't the use of "race" rather unfortunate next to usage of race to differentiate between men, trolls, mermen? Furthermore, this sentence seems to reference the exile from TROW, but that is not long ago enough for races to develop.

units.cfg : 79 This could be traced back to the era of Haldric I and the arrival of humans and orcs to the content. -> continent?

Translation code bugs