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  • Description: A very wise, tough grizzled veteran Dwarvish Lord who till recently has been trapped in the caves of Knalga fighting an unend Description: A Dwarvish Lord who is the leader of the Shinsplitters - a tribe of Dwarvish Ulfserkers (sa
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  • ...n'>New weapon special: [[LotI_Abilities#lord of the flies_.E2.80.93_damage|lord of the flies]]</span><br/> 'Touched by our almightly lord and saviour?'
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  • '''Sir Ladoc:''' For Land and Lord, I sacrifice all! === Lord Typhon ===
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  • ...aring a harsh reprisal when word reaches the queen, they decide to consult Lord Maddock of Elensefar. They can't do that without some kind of evidence that ...? Relana stays behind to defend Annuvin while Baldras and Harper go to see Lord Maddock with a greatly increased urgency.
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  • ...rd... but there will be time enough for talking. If you can distract those vile creatures, I will try to organize a counterattack. '''Attacking Unit:''' This'll splinter your bones, you vile monstrosity!
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  • '''Merman:''' My lord! You may need the help of some of us who have skill in the sea in future. W '''Supporter:''' On your own? My lord! We, your loyal soldiers, will support you!
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  • === Vengeful Lord is seen (night time only) === '''Vengeful Lord:''' The most hated living in my castle! To me! To me stray souls of the des
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  • Now, I must tell you of another character in our drama. Durstorn, the lord of Dwarfdom. Or at least of this clan. '''Rugnur:''' Sorry, lord, but he said he would move on to another tribe if I left.
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  • '''Malin Keshar:''' Feel my wrath, vile creature! continues, 'Excellent. We travel, then, to the city of Tath. There is a lord of that city by the name of Karres. He was trained as a mage in his youth,
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  • '''Lomarfel:''' My lord! A party of aliens has made camp to the north and lays waste to the forest. '''Lomarfel:''' So it seemed, my lord. Yet there is a band of them in the north cutting down healthy trees by the
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  • '''Sir Gerrick:''' My lord, it is good that King Haldric has sent you to our lands! Bandits have overr '''Sir Gerrick:''' My lord! The dawn is breaking - now is the time for us to attack and drive these ba
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  • '''Aiglondur:''' The maker's mark is strange to me. We had best consult the lord Hamel. ..., Aiglondur was summoned to the audience hall of Hamel, lord of Knalga and Lord Companion of the Northern Alliance. Beside the dais stood a stranger in the
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  • ...he power of his spells. To his left, glowing with faerie fire, was a great lord of the elves. They were followed closely and supported by a small but power ...onds. Be welcome to our keep. Aye, and have speech with our chieftain, the Lord Hamel.
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  • ...our people through the south pass. I will remain behind to hold off these vile monsters for as long as I can. ...fleeing from orcs, who had been summoned by their former [[Lich-Lords|Lich-Lord]] masters in response to Southbay's war. Believing Jessene, Eldaric accepte
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