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This is a transcription of all dialogue from The Sceptre of Fire. It is meant as a resource for Wesnoth writers. If you don't want spoilers, leave this page now.

Death Dialogue


Rugnur: Gahahh...

Haldric II

Haldric II: Magah...


Alanin: Ahhgg...


Baglur: Gaanngh


Krawg: Kraa...


Thursagan: Ayahahh....


Durstorn: Gaanngh...

Scenario 1: A Bargain is Struck

Story Text

Ay, the Sceptre of Fire. The sceptre has a long, glorious, and fearful history. But I am not here to tell you how the jewel within it was brought over the ocean by Haldric the Great. Nor will I tell the story of Garard I, and the challenge he set, or that of Konrad, king of Wesnoth by virtue of the Sceptre.

I am here to tell you of its making. Of its crafting, deep in the caverns of dwarfdom. And of the dwarves who made it; for they were great, they were. They are counted among the greatest of the heroes of ancient Knalga.

Our story begins in a small border outpost in the southern hills of Knalga, with a young dwarf, named Rugnur, in charge of it. And with the second king of Wesnoth, Haldric II, riding up the road from the Ford of Abez with an army behind him...

Introductory Dialogue

Rugnur: Humans, halt! Who dares bring an army into the dwarvish hills?

Haldric II: We come to make a bargain with you.

Rugnur: Well, state your business and be done with it. And if we don't like what you say, you leave!

Haldric: Have you heard of the Ruby of Fire?

Rugnur: Yes... your first king brought it from over the sea, right? You own it.

Haldric II: Correct. However, we have a problem with it.

Rugnur: What sort of problem?

Haldric: Some form of magical aura makes those around the stone act... strangely. I noticed it with my father. The longer he stayed near the stone, the more arrogant, almost evil, he became.

Rugnur: So, what do you want me to do? I don't see how this relates to us dwarves.

Haldric II: When the elves came to Weldyn, about ten years ago, they spoke of a mage named Crelanu, and of his advice about the ruby. He said that the radiance of the stone could be contained, and that doing so would stop the stone's effect.

Rugnur: And what... you want us to do this, contain the radiance of the stone? By making an artifact of some kind?

Haldric: Exactly. I want you to craft it into a mighty artifact, that will leverage the stone's power, but contain it also.

Rugnur: Well... I think we can make a deal, but I'm not sure. I'll have to ask the tribal leaders.

Haldric: If you are not authorized to make a deal, send out someone who is, and I will bargain with him.

Rugnur: They would refuse to come. You must come into the caves, and go to the city in person, or send a representative.

Haldric II: I can always take my offer to another tribe more friendly to its potential patrons. You are not the only smiths in the Northlands!

Rugnur: Uh, no, wait! Lets talk business - how much will you pay us to do this for you?

Haldric II: Five thousand pieces of silver.

Rugnur: You said you wanted a powerful magical artifact, not a child's playtoy! So... twenty thousand, minimum. The crafting of this will take us many years, you must pay us well.

Haldric II: Ten thousand.

Rugnur: Nothing below fifteen!

Haldric II: Then no deal. I'll gather my things and go to another dwarvish clan now.

Rugnur: Fine then - ten thousand... now, what exactly do you want us to make the stone into?

Haldric II: I want you to make it into a sceptre, a sceptre of fire.

Rugnur: I'll see what I can do. But I will need five thousand silver in advance, to pay for the materials.

Haldric II: Very well. I have the silver here, ready to ship, and I will send someone over with the stone itself. He will stay with you as you make the sceptre, and make sure you are going to get it done on time. I expect it done before my reign as king is ended.

Alanin: Thats right. I'll be coming over along with the silver.

Glildur: Hey! You can't do that - this road is an elvish road. We're not letting you transport gold and jewels on it without paying a toll.

Rugnur: What are you talking about?! This road has always been open to all.

Glildur: Yes, we have allowed people to use it, but it is our road.

Rugnur: Not true! This is dwarvish land; if anything, it's our road!

Glildur: Nevertheless, if you try to move your caravans here you have to pay the toll, or face our wrath!

Haldric II: We Wesnothians and you elves have a treaty! Do you really mean to break it in defense of a road that is not even yours?!

Glildur: I was never among those who agreed to that treaty. Not all of us Elves are as low as Kalenz, or make deals with those who betrayed us.

Haldric II: Ah, I see - you are one of the rebels. Our treaty with the elves does not apply to you, so I have no problem with slaying you if you stand in our way. Rugnur, we will proceed with the shipment.

Rugnur: Very well. Glildur, if the high elvish council has made an alliance with the men, I would advise you to follow it, but not doing so is your choice.

Alanin Arrives with the Stone

Alanin: Here's the stone, for you dwarves! Now, if you'll excuse me, I think I'll be taking refuge in this castle here... I don't much like fighting.

Rugnur has the Gold

Haldric II: All the gold is there too. Proceed with the task, Rugnur!

A Caravan Reaches the Citadel

Moved Unit: Cargo unloaded.

Player has the Stone

Haldric II: You only need x more, then you can begin work.

Player Doesn't have the Stone

Haldric II: You only need x more, and the stone, then you can begin work.

Last Caravan (no stone)

Rugnur: We have all of the silver, now all we need is the stone.

Last Caravan (with stone)

Rugnur: That's the last caravan! We will commence work immediately.

Elvish Reinforcements (turn 10)

Glildur: Ha! Our reinforcements have arrived. There is no way you can withstand our combined strength!

Rugnur: We cannot match you above ground, but in the caves we may still defeat you.

Glildur: We will see about that - if you ever get underground, which I doubt. Ha!

Haldric II: Elvish reinforcements! Where did these come from? I thought the elvish resistance to the treaty was smaller than this. Hurry up and move those caravans!

Elves Attack


Attacking Unit: Die, humans, in the name of Landar!

Attacked Unit: Landar? Who is this 'Landar' you speak of?


Attacking Unit: Die, dwarvish scum, in the name of Landar!

Attacked Unit: Yer precious Landar can kiss my axe.

A Caravan is Captured

Haldric II: You just let a caravan, with MY money loaded in it, get captured! If I can't trust you to keep my property secure, the deal's off.

Scenario 2: Closing the Gates

Story Text

Next in our story, Rugnur retreated into the caves of Knalga. But the elves pressed on, and would enter the caves shortly.

Introductory Dialogue

Rugnur: These elves are right behind me! We have to go warn the council of this attack!...

Alanin: Here - I'll go warn the council. You stay here and fight.

Rugnur: Yes, that sounds good. I'll stay here and try to defend the gates...

Glindur: I see you have sent a messenger to the city. Good idea, but will it really help? We have more troops and more provisions, and we are going to enter those caves and kill you!

Rugnur: *gulp*

Glindur: Ha! I thought as much. Well then, surrender!

Rugnur: Um... on what terms?

Glindur: Unconditional.

Baglur: Wait! Rugnur, dinna' they tell you 'anything' when you took command here?!?

Rugnur: Not really. This was supposedly a time of peace. Who are you?

Baglur: Argh! I'm a retired warrior... it looks like I'll ha' to come out and help you, else we'll be overrun by the damn elves... argh again. Well, listen here. This entrance to the city can be closed. There's a gate. If we can close it, the elves will no' be able to enter. And you elves; begone from here!

Glindur: Cease your meddling, old dwarf! Rugnur is in charge here, and it is he who will bargain with us.

Rugnur: Baglur, how do you close the gates?

Baglur: Och, well that's the difficulty. It's a magic gate. Indestructible. But that means it can only be closed by magic. Ye need to position a warrior on each of the six glyphs. When all are occupied, the gates wi' close. Then the elves will be shut out of the caves forever, at least through this entrance.

Rugnur: Don't we have troops positioned near these glyphs, to unlock them?

Baglur: Och, well, no. Lately trolls have been more in charge of those caves where the glyphs are than we dwarves have.

Rugnur: Well, where are they located?

Baglur: Two are down a side passage in the northwest, another two are in a similar location in the southeast, and two are right next to the front gate.

Glindur: Have you made up your mind yet about surrendering?! If you will not give up, prepare for battle!

Rugnur: You may be more powerful than us, but I doubt even you can blast through dwarf-made stonecraft. We refuse - now let's close these gates!

Reach the Northern or Southern Entrance

Moved Unit: But what about this entrance? The elves can come through it just as easily as the main gate, and it cannot be closed!

Baglur: I think it can be sealed up somehow... Yes, look, activating that glyph seems to have closed up the gap.

A Unit Reaches a Glyph

Moved Unit: My glyph is on.

All Glyphs are On

Rugnur: We have everyone positioned on the glyphs! What do we do now?

Baglur: Just watch. The gates wi' close very soon. Then the elves outside - and, unfortunately, our dwarves who are still out there - wi' become irrelevant.

Glindur: Agh! Well, you have defeated me for now, but eventually you will have to exit these caves, to give Haldric back his jewel. And when you do, we will be ready for you.

Baglur: If that is what ye choose to do, fine, but be prepared to wait for many years.

Elves Still in the Cave

Rugnur: There are still some elves left in here. We have to eliminate them, too, unless they surrender.

Elf: You would have us be cowards! We do not surrender.

Victory Dialogue

Elves were in the Cave

Rugnur: That's all of the elves. Now I should go down to the city and report. I'm late already...

No Elves were in the Cave

Rugnur: Well, now I should go down to the city and report. I'm late already...

Scenario 3: In the Dwarven City

Story Text

Now, I must tell you of another character in our drama. Durstorn, the lord of Dwarfdom. Or at least of this clan.

Durstorn was not happy this day. Nor was he usually; but today he was unhappier than usual.

Introductory Dialogue

Durstorn: Where's that fool Rugnur gotten to? It's time for him to report on events in the surface world. He's late!

Noiraran: Perhaps the outpost was held up?

Durstorn: Ha! There hasn't been a border attack since the men came from over the sea, why would someone attack us now?

Kuhnar: The elves might want our gold.

Durstorn: Good one, let them try to take it! Ha!

Rugnur: Hey, Durstorn, have we started yet? King Haldric came by just now, wanted to talk to you...

Durstorn: Speak properly to your elders, boy! Why are you late?

Rugnur: Huh? Didn't a messenger come and tell you?

Durstorn: No.

Baglur: I think you'd better let me explain. King Haldric II of Wesnoth came to the gate. Then we had to close it, which took considerable time.

Glinar: What'd he want? And why'd you have to close the gate?

Rugnur: He wanted to make a deal with us. He gave us a magical stone, called the 'Ruby of Fire', and told us to make an sceptre out of it, to keep in the bad magic, or something like that. We closed the doors because elves were attacking us.

Noiraran: What is he going to give us for it, eh?

Rugnur: He paid us five thousand silver in advance, and he'll give us five thousand more when we deliver the finished sceptre if we are done before he dies.

Durstorn: What?!? You already accepted? Foolish boy, you should have come for one of the elders! We could have gotten much more than ten thousand silver out of him! This is a task that will take many years, and now all of our work in that time will bring us very little gain.

Rugnur: Sorry, lord, but he said he would move on to another tribe if I left.

Durstorn: Can't you tell a bluff when you hear one?!? He knows we're the best craftsmen, and he wouldn't have gone to another tribe if we stalled for a year. Oh well, what's done is done. We'll have to work for less than I would prefer...

Baglur: Well, since this boy bargained so badly, why not make him fulfill the contract himself? If he fails, it's on his head.

Durstorn: Good idea, Baglur! He'll need some help, though, and it will take a master smith to make the sceptre. Why don't we send him to find Thursagan?

Baglur: You mean the insane dwarf who lives in the far north?!

Durstorn: Yes. He is the only one I know of who could craft the sceptre the way Haldric wants it. And he has nothing to do, he will be fine with wasting 25 years of his life on this task.

Rugnur: Very well, my lord. We will go into the north to find Thursagan. Do you have any idea where he is?

Durstorn: Go to the furthest north entrance to the caves, and then go north. He's somewhere in those hills.

Alanin: What did I miss, eh?

Durstorn: Who the devil are you? Well, you seem to be with Rugnur... follow him north.

Scenario 4: Searching for the Runecrafter

Story Text

The journey to the far northern wastelands was long and perilous. For the tunnels were winding and treacherous, and the paths were not safe from orcs, or worse. Nevertheless, they did reach the northlands, and began to search for the runesmith named Thursagan - the sage of fire.

Introductory Dialogue

Alanin: Now where are we going, anyway? We have been taking wrong turns and fighting orcs for months. This trip better have a good payoff to be worth that.

Baglur: We need to find the mage Thursagan and convince him to return to the citadel with us. He's somewhere up here.

Rugnur: Well, how are we supposed to find him?

Baglur: His will probably be the only house up here. No one else is insane enough to live this far north! Even the elves won't challenge us here.

Alanin: Except for trolls and ogres, right? They live in the far northlands. They're probably lurking around here somewhere.

Baglur: Right. We'll probably have to fight our way through to his house.

Krawg is Seen

Krawg: Kwill yooo spakkk wit uuus?!? (Will you speak with us?)

Alanin: Aah! What is that?!?

Baglur: Is that... is that a gryphon?

Krawg: Kwes! Yooo spakkk wit uuus nuu? (Yes. You speak with us now?)

Rugnur: It's talking to us! What do you want, gryphon?

Krawg: Myy namm ees Krawgg. Yooo ees oooking forr a uunmasta? (My name is Krawg. You is looking for a runemaster?)

Rugnur: Well, um, yes. Why, can you help us?

Krawg: Ess... if yooo ills ka rolls aan ogras, us'll elp yoo! (Yes. If you kill the trolls and ogres, we'll help you)

Baglur: Sure, we'll help you fight trolls and ogres.

Thursagan's House is Seen

Moved Unit: I see a house in the distance!

Thursagan's House is Visited

By a Gryphon

Thursagan: Go away, you birds! Or I shall burn you out of the air!

Baglur: He doesn't want to talk to the gryphons, apparently. I think we'll have to get someone there he will talk to...

Not by a Gryphon

Thursagan: What do you people want!? Leave me alone!

Rugnur: Old mage, we come with a message from Lord Durstorn. He asks you to come back to the city.

Thursagan: Ha! That fool thinks he can order me around. Why does he want me to go back, anyway?

Baglur: We have entered into a bargain with the king of Wesnoth to craft a sceptre for him.

Thursagan: Oh, and now I suppose Durstorn wants me to craft it, eh? Well I'm not going to.

Rugnur: You don't want to make a sceptre to contain the power of the ruby of fire? Very well, your choice is made.

Thursagan: The ruby of fire, what is that, some worthless Wesnothian gem?

Baglur: It is a Wesnothian gem, but it is also supposedly the most powerful magical artifact ever seen. Even an untrained hand can use it to cast fiery bolts as powerful as those of arch mages.

Thursagan: Oh, really? And what does Haldric want us to do with it?

Rugnur: Contain and intensify its power.

Thursagan: I see. Fine then, I will help you craft this sceptre... into the most powerful magic artifact ever seen. This will be a true test of my skill. I expect it will take many years.

Baglur: Good. Now, there are still wild animals here... we have to get back into the caves.

Victory Dialogue

Thursagan: Well, now we are in the caves again! Come on, back south, to the city.

Scenario 5: The Council Regathers

Story Text

The path back was less dangerous than it was a year earlier. It did not take them so long. So they quickly returned to the dwarven city, with two new members of their party - one expected, and one not.

Introductory Dialogue

Rugnur: Lord Durstorn, we have succeeded in our mission. Thursagan is here.

Durstorn: What? You mean you found Thursagan and got him to return with you? Astounding! But what is that gryphon doing there?

Baglur: Yes, we did. And that is Krawg, who helped us in the northlands.

Krawg: Yaa! Mee Krawg! (Yeah! Me Krawg!)

Thursagan: Now, where is this ruby that I am to work with, eh Durstorn?

Durstorn: In the treasury. And leave it there until you're ready to work with it - I still don't trust you.

Thursagan: Ha! 'You' don't trust 'me'?

Durstorn: Exactly! Why would I? And I order you to stay out of the treasury, away from that ruby!

Thursagan: You don't dictate what I am to do, Durstorn! I will do as I please, and don't stop me if you want me to make this sceptre.

Durstorn: The ruby is mine, and don't touch it!

Rugnur: Uh, technically it's Haldric's, and I think that if Thursagan needs to see it to plan this sceptre, we must allow it.

Durstorn: It will be as it must, then. *grumble grumble*

Thursagan: Hm... a most interesting jewel. I can feel its magical power. I will start drawing up plans for the sceptre immediately.

Now, I will need certain materials to make this sceptre.

Durstorn: Oh, what?

Thursagan: I would say probably ten stone of artifact-quality gold and twenty stone of the finest coal, and many of the finest jewels in the land - we'll need others to search for those, though. I'll also need to have the jeweler cut the ruby once I have the plans done.

Durstorn: Just use my gold and coal, I have enough! Or, if they're not 'good enough' for you, find them yourself.

Thursagan: You try my patience, Durstorn. You know yours aren't acceptable, but you have to give me something or I can't make the sceptre!

Baglur: Wait, wait. The gold and coal... I think we can find those in the abandoned eastern mines, north of the Arkan-thoria. Trolls ha' overrun them, but earlier they were the source of the finest smithing materials.

Rugnur: So, we will go to the eastern mines!

Durstorn: Fine. As for the jewels, I will have others obtain those. That will cost quite a bit of our payment, but it can't be helped. Our people do not mine jewels.

Thursagan: That is acceptable. Durstorn, send some miners along with us to the Eastern Mines, and I will bring some runecrafters-in-training from the academy to help fight these enemies.

Narrator: Two runesmiths from the academy have joined you!

Alanin: Fine, you all go to the eastern mines. Me, I'll stay here. No point going where I can't help!

Krawg: M' 'u! (Me, too!)

Scenario 6: Gathering Materials

Story Text

Those who went to the eastern mines were brave indeed. They were infested with trolls and other vile creatures, who thrived in the dark and gloom of the caves.

And braver still were Rugnur and his companions, who had to spend two years in those tunnels. For mining is a lengthy business. But they could for the most part avoid the enemy. They only once had to venture into the very heart of the trolls' territory.

Introductory Dialogue

Rugnur: Well, these are the eastern mines. Trolls and ogres live here, be prepared to fight them; also be prepared to spend quite some time here - mining can take a while.

Thursagan: For me to make the artifact Haldric wants, I need a special type of gold. I do not know where it was found, but Baglur said these mines were the source of it.

Baglur: Also, the only coal that wi' melt this gold is here.

Rugnur: So we're down here to, what, mine this gold and coal? That should be easy enough.

Thursagan: Yes, although we will have to hire the miners - they don't work for free. But beware, there are trolls and such down here...

See Some Coal

Moved Unit: Here is some of the coal that we need! Bring the miners to take it!

Get Some Coal

Moved Unit: I have all the coal I can carry...

See Some Gold

Moved Unit: Here is the mine of precious gold! Send the miners this way.

Get Some Gold

Moved Unit: I have all the gold I can carry...

Stuff is Delivered

Moved Unit: My load of coal is delivered!

Moved Unit: Here's the gold.

Last of the Coal

Moved Unit: That's the last load of coal we need.


Thursagan: This is all we need from these mines. Now we should go back further west, where there are no trolls and ogres, and mine there.

Scenario 7: The Jeweler

Story Text

Rugnur and his companions returned home. Now, I do not want to give the impression that only Rugnur and Thursagan worked on this masterpiece. There were others - many others. Thus I present Theganli, the jeweler. His role is small, but an important one.

Introductory Dialogue

Durstorn: So, you have returned. I assume you have obtained the required materials? My jeweler Theganli has spent the last two years buying jewels from some of the northern clans. So now go to the forge and make your sceptre. What do you need to annoy me for?

Thursagan: We don't. Not everything is about you. We need to talk to Theganli.

Durstorn: That makes sense, I guess you would to plan the sceptre's design... what in particular do you want him to do?

Thursagan: I need to make the plans for the sceptre, then have him cut the ruby to match them.

Durstorn: You're going to cut the jewel!? Are you insane?

Rugnur: What are you talking about, sir? You knew all along the jewel would have to be cut to make the sceptre out of.

Durstorn: Oh... right, right. Fine. Theganli?

Kuhnar: He's in his shop, in the southern tunnel.

Durstorn: Whatever. Kuhnar, go, summon him here.

Kuhnar: Theganli! Come out of there, Durstorn orders you to come to the citadel.

Theganli: I'm coming... coming... stop pounding on the door...

Thursagan: He doesn't need to come here, I'll take the jewel to his shop. He'll need his tools anyway.

Well, Theganli, what do you think of this jewel?

Theganli: Uh, um, yes, yes, very impressive jewel, impressive, yes...

Thursagan: Do you think you could cut it in the manner my plans specify?

Theganli: Well, uh, um, maybe... maybe... it will be hard... let me see...

Thursagan: Very well. See what you can do.

Narrator: Theganli spent many months cutting the jewels that would go into the Sceptre of Fire, and the Ruby of Fire he attempted last. But he could not cut it.

Durstorn: Well, do you have anything yet?!

Theganli: Ah, well, uh, no... no, not yet... unfortunately... it seems... it can't be cut... or scratched... or damaged at all... at least not by my tools...

Thursagan: So what do you propose we do? We need this jewel cut in a very specific way to make sure... well, it doesn't matter why.

Theganli: Well... maybe... the Shorbear clan? They have good tools... yes, yes, they do...

Rugnur: Who are they?

Theganli: Another group... of dwarves... live south of here... above ground... yes... best jewelers I know of... have special tools... tools, yes...

Durstorn: Well, Rugnur, what are you waiting for? Go down and get these tools from them, and carve the jewel!

Baglur: We can't just go in there and take their property. We'll have to buy, or rent, it from them.

Rugnur: We can't just go in there and take their property. We'll have to buy, or rent, it from them. (if Baglur is dead)

Durstorn: Fine. Go rent it from them.

Rugnur: Very well. We'll go south now.

Durstorn: Wait! Last time you made a bargain by yourself you lost us five thousand pieces of silver. I'm going with you this time!

Kuhnar: Are you sure that is wise, lord?

Durstorn: Of course! To be safe, though, you and Noiraran are going to come with us.

Kuhnar: Yes sir... *sigh*

Scenario 8: Hills of the Shorbear Clan

Story Text

All dwarves are known for a love of gold and a heart of stone. The Shorbears were no exception. They were crafters of crafters - they made tools. The best in the land. And they bartered well.

Introductory Dialogue

Kuhnar: Here we are; the hills of the Shorbear clan. What are we here for, anyway?

Rugnur: If I understand it correctly, we're here to bargain with the Shorbears, and arrange for us to use their tools to cut the ruby.

Thursagan: Exactly

Durstorn: And I'll be doing the talking; I remember what happened last time you negotiated a deal! We lost five thousand pieces of silver.

Glonoin: Och, its some o' them cave-dwarves. What business do you have here?

Durstorn: I'm Lord Durstorn, king of my tribe. I have been told you are great jeweler-workers, and so we come to rent some of your tools for a short time, a few years at most.

Glonoin: You're a king?! Must be a pretty small kingdom for you to come yourself to bargain with us!

Durstorn: You insult me! Do you want my business, or not?

Glonoin: Well, fine, I'll hear your offer.

Durstorn: We'd like to rent your best tools for a short period of time. We'll only be cutting one jewel with it. My starting offer is two hundred silver.

Glonoin: It must be worth a lot for you to come this way and offer that much! How much are you going to sell it for, eh?

Durstorn: That's none of your concern!

Glonoin: I'll take twenty-five hundred, minimum.

Rugnur: (whispered) Durstorn, that would be a quarter of all our profits!

Durstorn: I know that. Uh, Glonoin, how about five hundred?

Glonoin: Twenty-three hundred is my lowest offer. I can tell I don't need the money as much as you need the jewel cut!

Durstorn: You must be mad! I'll offer one thousand, but no higher!

Glonoin: Two thousand, and I'll go no lower!

Rugnur: (whispered) What are we going to do? We can't go much higher!

Baglur: (whispered) Offer him fifteen hundred, but don't go up, even if he refuses.

Durstorn: (whispered) Bah! Getting this cut isn't worth that much; what with Rugnur's mistake earlier, and all the other expenses, if we pay more than a thousand we'll barely even make a profit!

Thursagan: (whispered) So what are you going to do?

Durstorn: (whispered) Fight him, and take the tools by force.

Thursagan: (whispered) Are you mad?!?

Durstorn: Of course not! Now, Glonoin; one thousand was my final offer. If you won't accept it, we will take the tools from you by force!

Glonoin: I'd like to see you try!

Thursagan: You're making a mistake, Durstorn.

Durstorn: Shut up, all of you! Attack them!

Elves Appear (turn 3)

Lyndar: Aha! I've spent years looking for you Dwarves, but now I've found you! Prepare to die!

Glonoin: Who the devil are you?

Rugnur: I thought we left the elves behind at the gates four years ago! It seems we have two enemies now.

Glonoin: So, elves, are you against these dwarves too? They're attacking my clan for absolutely no reason!

Lyndar: I see. So you don't have the ruby?

Glonoin: No, they do. They wanted to rent my tools to cut it, but they didn't offer me nearly enough!

Lyndar: How about this - I help you defeat them, and you let me keep the ruby when we have?

Glonoin: Deal!

Durstorn: Ah, they don't scare me! We can take both of them!

Thursagan: Don't be a fool! We can't take the elves, and it was a mistake to attack these dwarves, but if we have to fight we should retreat once we get what we came for, the tools!

Glonoin is Killed

Durstorn: Ha! Now we can get those tools easily, and go back to our own caves.

Thursagan: And how do you plan on doing that? There are elves swarming these hills, trying to kill us.

Durstorn: You are right... well, we will be able to break out eventually, and while we're here, we'll be able to finally make the sceptre.

Heroes and Enemies in the Cave

Thursagan: Well, back to the battle - we are all in the caves, but there are still enemies in here also!

Durstorn: Indeed. Kill them! And make sure no more enter. Then we can close the gates.

Not All Heroes in the Cave

Thursagan: Well, back to the battle - we need everyone to get into the Shorbear caves. And then stop any enemies from coming in here.

Durstorn: Indeed. Everyone to the caves, and kill those still inside!


Thursagan: We have driven all of the dwarves and elves out of these caves. They are not ours, though, and we can't stay here forever.

Durstorn: True. I suspect these elves will try to besiege us here.

Sealing the Gates

Durstorn: We have driven all of the dwarves and elves out of these caves! Now, seal the gates!

Scenario 9: Towards the Caves

Story Text

Durstorn's rash action led to many problems. Not the least of which was being surrounded by elves.

The dwarves spent several years trapped in those caves, the elves besieging them. The dwarves could not leave, for there were far too many elves, and there was no way out of the caverns other than above ground. But the elves could not enter, for the magical dwarven gates were closed.

During this time, Thursagan crafted the Sceptre of Fire, first cutting the jewel, then putting it, the gold and the cold steel into the heat of the flame. The sceptre was crafted, but something was not right. No matter what enchantment of runes he put on the sceptre, it did not fulfill its original purpose.

Introductory Dialogue

Rugnur: Well, Thursagan has reached a conclusion. He can't make the sceptre with the materials he has here, but he has the final plans for it, and all the jewels and gold he needs. Shouldn't we leave now?

Durstorn: All this time and he couldn't make it? Fine, we should try to leave... but it's not like we could leave if we wanted to. We're surrounded!

Baglur is Alive

Baglur: If ye'll permit me to say so, sir, ye're wrong. We could -

Durstorn: Shut up, Baglur! You don't know what you're talking about. I've analyzed the situation, and we're doomed. Our best hope is to surrender. Perhaps if we give the elves the plans for the sceptre they will let us survive.

Baglur is Dead

Rugnur: If you'll permit me to say so, sir, you're wrong. We could -

Durstorn: Shut up, Rugnur! You don't know what you're talking about. I've analyzed the situation, and we're doomed. Our best hope is to surrender. Perhaps if we give the elves the plans for the sceptre they will let us survive.

Dialogue Continues

Rugnur: Yes, of course, let's just all be cowards! What happened to your honor, Durstorn?!

Durstorn: You little fool, honor is less important than life! So, I'm ordering Thursagan to give the plans and the ruby to the elves, as a peace offering. Then maybe we'll walk out of here alive.

Thursagan: You don't have authority over me, Durstorn. And I wouldn't give the sceptre to them even if you did. It's not yours to give, its mine, and Rugnur's, and Baglur's. Krawg's done more for its existence than you have! And yet, you still get the profits from selling it to Haldric.

Durstorn: So what, all of you want to die? Fine by me, but I won't die with you! And if you won't give the sceptre to the elves, I'll take it from you!


Thursagan: Nice try, Durstorn, but you missed. Now, I'd say that attacking an ally constitutes treason, wouldn't you?

Durstorn: You're not my ally. You're more against me than the elves are; all they want is the ruby, but you want us dead!

Rugnur: If that's what you're thinking, you're not fit to be ruler over us! So step down, or we'll force you.

Durstorn: Never!


Rugnur: Well, I suppose we were right to silence him, but I don't like this. In any case, now we should try to get out of here.

Thursagan: Yes. So, see the area to the northeast of us?

That's where there are the least elvish guards, so we have the greatest chance of success there. I think we should try to get to it.

Alanin: This plan, it isn't worse than staying here to be killed, but it isn't likely to succeed either. Even if it does, what will it accomplish? We will be cornered there.

Thursagan: I don't know if we will be cornered. That cave looks like it goes deep, and we can lose the elves in the caves, they move so slow there. Once we get out, we'll make our way back to Knalga.

Rugnur: The country between here and Knalga will be swarming with elves. We had better head back to the abandoned mines north of the Arkan-thoria, where we gathered our gold and coal. At least there Alanin will have some hope of finding us.

Alanin: That's fine for you, you can run fast in caves, but I can't! What am I supposed to do?

Rugnur: Well, you are a member of the Wesnothian army. Why don't you rejoin it? See if you can run past those elves to our southeast...

... and then ride south until you reach one of your outposts.

Alanin: I'm not going to do that, its suicide! And in any case, I've been with you for 10 years, almost as long as I was in the Wesnothian army; I'd prefer to fight with you.

Thursagan: You going south has more of a chance of success for you than staying here or going to back to the mines! And getting news to Haldric of what has happened is also the best way to get help to us.

Alanin: I suppose...

Gaenlar: Come out, dwarves, and surrender! Or die in that cave, your choice.

Alanin goes Away

Rugnur is Present

Rugnur: Alanin, ride as fast as you can south. Tell Haldric we are heading northeast, towards the old eastern mines, and if he wants his precious scepter he should send forces to meet us there as soon as he can!

Rugnur is Gone

Alanin: I have made it past those elves, but they will chase me, and elvish horses are faster than mine.

Rugnur goes Away

Alanin is Present

Alanin: Rugnur, I am going south. What should I tell Haldric?

Thursagan: Tell him to send forces north to aid us and fight the elves, but that we are probably going to die. We will run northeast towards the old eastern mines, and if he wants his scepter intact he'd best send troops to meet us there.

Alanin is Gone

Rugnur: I don't know what is in these caves, but whatever it is can't be worse than staying here to die.

Scenario 10: Outriding the Outriders

Story Text

Rugnur had fled across the Arkan-thoria, but Alanin could not do that. He went south - back to the Wesnoth border.

The elves followed both of them. First I will tell of their pursuit of Alanin, before we descend into the caves to learn Rugnur's fate.

Introductory Dialogue

Alanin: Well, the elves are behind me for now, but they will send riders to catch me, and elvish riders are faster than me.

My only hope is to convince the peasants to stop the elves from passing through their land, so I can get ahead of them.

Lord Asaeri: You cannot outride us, horseman of Wesnoth! Whatever message you are carrying, it will not be delivered!

Alanin: We shall see about that!

Alanin Captures a Village

Alanin: The villagers here are loyal to Wesnoth. They should be willing to help me escape these elves!

Rolin: We will certainly help any warrior of Wesnoth who needs our help!

Victory Dialogue

Hadlin: Who goes there?

Alanin I'm a dragoon, with Haldric II's personal bodyguard. I was sent on a mission in the northlands, and now elvish horsemen are chasing me. I barely evaded them.

Hadlin: I see. Well, come on in. I doubt they would be able to capture this fort, even if they did want to start a war, which I doubt.

Scenario 11: The Dragon

Story Text

Thus Alanin escaped from his Elvish pursuers. But the dwarves were not so lucky. I would say that, perhaps, their betrayal of Durstorn was coming back to haunt them. For the section of the old eastern mines that they reached in their flight had long since become the lair of Khrakrahs... the dragon.

Introductory Dialogue

Rugnur: Well, Thursagan, we've reached the eastern mine, but the elves are hot on our trail. What do we do now?

Thursagan: Well, we have two choices. We may either stand and fight, and assuredly die, or run as quickly as possible down this path into the depths of the cave, where we may find something that will help us. Also, remember, the elves can't run as fast in caves as we can, so we may be able to get ahead of them and perhaps lay a trap.

Krawg: Wyy yoo no urrendrr? Alddey woont iz za wagic doun! (Why don't we just surrender? All they want is that magic stone!)

Rugnur: If we give them the ruby, then what? They'll probably kill us anyway. And, that ruby has the power to do great things, evil things. We can't let it fall into the wrong hands.

Thursagan: Then we shall run. I suggest calling to arms every last dwarf we possibly can here. This might be the last chance we'll get to do so.

Baglur: So we're running away, eh? I dinna' like that, but it seems it's our only option.

Rugnur: If it makes you feel any better, we'll probably die this way, too.'

Krahkrahs is Seen

Rugnur: Look, there's a dragon in these caves!

Krahkrahs: Ah, fresh meat!

Thursagan: And which of the great dragons are you?

Krahkrahs: I am Khrakrahs, greatest dragon of all time! Haldric killed Shek'kahan my brother, but he was weaker than me, and you will not find me so easy to defeat. Now get out of my volcano!

Rugnur: I'd rather face one powerful dragon than hundreds of mighty elves. Continue!

Enemy Dwarves are Seen

Thursagan: What's this? A dwarf fighting against us with the elves?!

Baglur: It must be one of those Surghan mercenaries. I'll bet those elves have hired more of them. That's bad news for us, for they'll go as fast in caves as we do.

Forge is Seen

By Krawg

Krawg: Raaaawww! Loook! Forge heeeere! '((excited bird cry) Look! Forge here!)'

Thursagan: It looks like a forge, heated by the lava. It looks magic, and it looks hot enough to make the Sceptre.

By Anyone Else

Moved Unit: Look, I've found something here. It looks like a forge, heated by the lava. It looks magic, and it looks hot enough to make the Sceptre.

Dialogue Continues

Krahkrahs: That pretty metal rock is mine! Get away from it!

Thursagan Reaches the Forge

Thursagan: This forge will work perfectly. Give me a few days here, and I can reforge the sceptre to fulfill its purpose.

An Enemy Reaches the Forge

Thursagan: You fool, you let the enemy get at me as I was unarmed!


Victory Dialogue

Thursagan: I have completed my work. Now it is truly the Sceptre of Fire, a powerful magical artifact.

Rugnur: Good. Now, let's get out of this cave, before the elves, dwarves or bats kill us!

Reminder if the Sceptre isn't Done

Thursagan: In $turnsleft more turns I will have completed the sceptre.

Scenario 12: Caverns of Flame

Story Text

There was no exit from the caverns of Knalga. They had reached the realms of the orcs, with the elves hot on their trail. And there was no exit from those caves.

So the dwarves had no way out. They could not leave the caverns that they had entered.

Introductory Dialogue

Rugnur: Well, I think we've gotten a good distance ahead of the elves. What do we do now?

Thursagan: We should keep going. Remember what Khrakrahs said, about this being a volcano? I think we should try to cause it to erupt. It will kill all the elves, and we might be able to find a safe place so the lava doesn't kill us.

Rugnur: This sounds... plausible.

Baglur: Yes, an interesting plan. How do you propose we do this?

Thursagan: I have a suspicion that there is an opening somewhere near here than leads to the surface. Somewhere near there, there is probably a magic object of some kind that will cause the lava to flow.

Rugnur: Very well. We will continue to explore until we find it.

Krawg: Krawg sme' o'cz in iz 'ave! '(Krawg smells orcs in this cave!)'

Thursagan: Indeed, there may be orcs lurking here. We should beware of them.

Aendan: We have caught up to the dwarves. Now, prepare to destroy them!

Rugnur: Thursagan! The elves are right on our tail; what should we do?

Thursagan: We could try to set off the volcano as soon as possible. Meanwhile, we should draw the elves further into the caves, so they can't escape when it does erupt.

Dwarves see the Orcs (disabled)

Rugnur: Look, those orcs can't get to us! There's cave wall in the way!

Thursagan: True; but, perhaps later they will find a way out.

Glyph Guards are Seen

Rugnur: These orcs appear to be guarding something.

Thursagan: It is probably the magical object. Attack them!

Triggering the Volcano

Thursagan: That's it! The volcano will erupt soon now that you've triggered it.

Rugnur: Look, it has knocked down some of the walls! Those orcs have a way out now!

Baglur: Well, we've succeeded in stopping the elves from getting the sceptre, I would say. But what do we do now?!

Thursagan: Now, we must fight the orcs until we die, it's our only option.

Rugnur: We cannot let any of the elves or their mercenaries escape; they would tell where the sceptre is. Make sure they all die!

Thursagan: We have to kill them quickly, before they realize what is happening. And remember, the lava spreads quickly, suddenly, and dangerously. The only place safe from it is the area near the glyph.

Elf runs Away

Elf: I must go report to my superiors!

Thursagan: We have allowed an enemy to escape; we have failed.

Volcano Starts to Erupt

Elf: Wait, what's going on? The volcano is going to erupt! Everyone, try to get out of these caves!

Victory Dialogue

Elf: Aghh!!! The volcano is erupting, and now our exit has been blocked off!!!

Rugnur: We have hidden the sceptre well, but now the volcano is going to erupt and kill us all.

Volcano Fully Erupts

Krawg: Hm... Me le' no'w! '(Hmmm, me leave now!)'

Scenario 13: Epilogue

Story Text

And thus Rugnur died - a glorious death, in the eyes of the dwarven sages. But our tale is not yet complete. For Alanin lived still, as did Krawg the Gryphon.

Alanin traveled south, to Wesnoth, to Haldric II. To report the events of the past fifteen years.

And Krawg - well, Krawg followed him. I know not how. But Krawg made his way south, to Weldyn, and reached it about the time that Alanin did.

Introductory Dialogue

Gatekeeper: Halt! What is your business in Weldyn, capital of Wesnoth?

Alanin: Stand aside. I am Alanin, of Haldric's royal guard, and I bring news from the northlands.

Gatekeeper: Very well. You may pass.

Guard Captain: I hear you desire to speak to the king, Alanin. What do you have to tell him?

Alanin: I bring tidings of the Sceptre of Fire, commissioned fifteen years ago by our king. I have been away for a long time, do not delay me even more.

Guard Captain: Enter, Alanin, and give the king your message.

Alanin: My King, fifteen years ago you sent me on a mission into the northlands. I have returned. What do you wish to know of my mission?

Haldric II: Well, was the Sceptre completed? Do you have it? Give it to me!

Alanin: I believe it was completed, but, I do not have it. It is buried deep in the mountains of the Northlands.

Haldric II: Why? Why was it not returned to me? Have the dwarves reneged on their promise, and kept it?

Alanin: My Lord, the dwarves are dead, slain by fire and smoke as lava poured out of one of the mountains. I saw the eruption from afar as I was returning to you.

Haldric II: Why were you returning without the sceptre, then?

Alanin: We had been besieged by elves, in a dwarvish castle that was not Rugnur's. The sceptre could not be completed there, but it could in a cave that lay to the northeast of it. Rugnur sent me back, with the message that it had been completed, but he and all the rest of the dwarves went into the caves, and were immediately followed by hundreds of elves.

Haldric II: If the sceptre was not completed in your sight, what makes you so sure it exists?

Alanin: I will let Krawg explain that.

Haldric II: Who?

Gatekeeper: My lord, a gryphon has just flown over our walls! It may be a sign of an attack!

Alanin: No, that is my... friend Krawg. He went with Rugnur into the caves, but escaped through a hole in the roof right before the lava filled the cave.

Krawg: Ya, ya! Meh seah za zeptahur. Hrugnaar ha ee. Lozeet enda caav. '(Yes, yes. I saw the sceptre. Rugnur had it. Lost it in the cave.)'

Haldric II: What the devil is he saying?

Alanin: He says that he has seen the Sceptre. Rugnur had it, but he lost it in the caves. He came to tell you, so that you would know that the dwarves did fulfill their promise.

Krawg: Kreeeeya! Darat! Nomiduun. Bah. '(Kreeya! That's right! Now I'm done. Bye.)'

Haldric: I see. Well... what do you want me to do now? The sceptre is made, yes, but I don't know where it is, the makers are dead, and orcs have probably already found it and hid it somewhere else.

Alanin: I do not know. I only bring the news, I did not cause it, nor do I fully understand its implications. But, my advice would be to do nothing. I believe you will not find it, though you send a hundred armies to look for it. But record in the history books that the sceptre does exist.

Haldric II: Your advice seems good to me. I will take it. As for you, and the gryphon, you are free to go. Alanin, you've served in the army long enough to retire, and even if you hadn't, you've seen enough combat. So, go. Back to your village. You deserve a rest.

Alanin: Very well, my lord.

Narrator: The sceptre would not be found until many generations after Haldric II, in the time of Asheviere the Dark Queen. During that time, it sat in the caves of the Northlands, unfound but undestroyed, moved around by Orcs who never understood its true power.

But before it was found, legends grew up around it, and around its makers - Thursagan, most brilliant of the Dwarven Sages, and Rugnur, the greatest of the Dwarven Heroes of old.

SOF-Specific Descriptions

Generic Unit

Caravan: Lvl 1

Caravans are used to carry gold or supplies long distances. Because of the immense weight of the cargo this caravan carries, it moves very slowly.

Dwarvish Arcanister: Lvl 4

The most powerful of all the runecrafters, the Dwarvish Arcanister destroys wounded enemies almost instantly, and rarely fails to cause a wound when that is his intent. His skill in runecrafting is unrivaled, and the glyphs he carves into his weapons and armor deflect the blows of his enemies.

Dwarvish Miner: Lvl 1

Dwarvish miners are the grunt workers of Dwarvish society. They take the precious ores out of the ground, but do not ever take part in the crafting of weapons or artifacts.

Dwarvish Runemaster: Lvl 3

Except for those with almost supernatural skill, the highest rank a runecrafter can rise to is that of the Dwarvish Runemaster. Striking blows nearly as powerful as those of the best warriors, they would be fearsome without their craft, but with it they are also nigh on invincible, since their runes cause the physical blows of their enemies to deal less damage than would be expected.

Dwarvish Runesmith: Lvl 2

Dwarvish runesmiths, now practiced at their craft, carve arcane runes into their weapons and armor. These runes infuse the runesmith's blows with power and accuracy, and disrupt the blows of their enemies, causing them to strike softly, weakly and on the armor of the defender.

King: Lvl 3

King of Wesnoth.

SoF: Specified Unit Names


  • Glildur (Elvish Captain)
  • Glindur (Elvish Captain)
  • Lyndar (Elvish Marshal)
  • Gaenlar (Elvish Marshal)
  • Glinan (Elvish Marshal)
  • Kalnar (Elvish Captain)
  • Lord Asaeri (Elvish Outrider)
  • Gaelir (Elvish Outrider)
  • Salira (Elvish Outrider)
  • Loslin (Elvish Outrider)
  • Ealin (Elvish Outrider)
  • Raesil (Elvish Outrider)
  • Landar (Elvish Marshal)
  • Aendan (Elvish Marshal)


  • Haldric II (Haldric II)
  • Alanin (Dragoon)
  • Rolin (Spearman)
  • Hadlin (Lieutenant)
  • Guard Captain (Royal Guard)
  • Gatekeeper (Swordsman)


  • Rugnur (Dwarvish Fighter)
  • Baglur (Dwarvish Stalwart)
  • Durston (Dwarvish Lord)
  • Neglur (Dwarvish Stalwart)
  • Glinar (Dwarvish Runesmith)
  • Noiraran (Dwarvish Thunderguard)
  • Kuhnar (Dwarvish Steelclad)
  • Thursagan (Dwarvish Runemaster)
  • Kawn (Gryphon Rider)
  • Kinan (Dwarvish Runesmith)
  • Rynan (Dwarvish Runesmith)
  • Theganli (Dwarvish Runesmith)
  • Glonoin (Dwarvish Lord)



Fire Dragons

  • Krahkrahs (Fire Dragon)
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