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General information

This page is meant to somehow coordinate the small Wesconf taking place at FOSDEM 2011. That is everyone attending should please list him/herself in the list of arrivals and stuff like this. FOSDEM 2011 will take place at the first weekend in Febuary 2011, on Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th.


(nick)name(s) Arrival Departure Accomodation
AI Fri, 4th Sun, 6th 2go4, booked by Ivanovic, 4-bed room
Boucman Fri, 4th Sun, 6th 2go4, booked
Crab_ Fri, 4th Sun, 6th 2go4, booked
elias Fri, 4th (airport arrival 12:15) Sun, 6th BestWestern, booked
fendrin Fri, 4th Sun, 6th 2go4, booked by Ivanovic, 4-bed room
grzywacz Fri, 4th Sun, 6th 2go4, booked
Ivanovic & chrber Fri, 4th, "afternoon" (~15:00 at "schokopolis") Sun, 6th, leaving right from ULB campus 2go4, booked by Ivanovic, 4-bed room
mordante Fri, 4th Sun, 6th 2go4, booked by Ivanovic, 4-bed room
Sirp & Dragonking Fri, 4th, late afternoon Mo, 7th Novotel Grand Palace
thespaceinvader Fri, 4th, 1733 Bruxelles Midi Sun, 6th, 1649 Bruxelles Midi 2go4, booked
YogiHH Fri, 4th, (~18:00 in town center) Sun, 6th (?) some hotel...

For accomodations please keep in mind that parking in the center of Brussels is really problematic. It might make sense to drive to the University where FOSDEM takes place, park there and take the bus into the town center (where some of the hotels/hostels are).

Possible hostels that we at least contacted over the last years (some of them might already be booked out by now!):

  • CHAB
  • 2go4 Note: groups bigger 6 are not allowed, so we can (officially) not form a complete Wesnoth group at this hostel, got to meet somewhere in town/at the university...
  • Bruegel YH

On the official FOSDEM page some more possible hotels/hostels are listed.



Information about how to reach the FOSDEM is listed at the official transportation subpage.

Short version of how to get there for those that reside in Bruegel YH and Novotel Grand Place (basically town center):

  • Enter Bus 71 (Debrouckere - Central Station ("Gare Centrale") - Delta) somewhere at 'Central Station'
  • Leave the bus at "ULB" (crossroads Ave. Adolphe Buyl - Sq. Deveze)
  • Walk down Ave. Paul Heger on your right hand.

Wesnoth Hacking Room

Wesnoth will not have a room of its own. Instead we will use one of the "general hacking rooms". So far it is not sure which room it will be, if we do it like the last three years, it will be room number 115 in the building AW1. Last year this was the smaller of the two hacking rooms and we had no real problem with conquering (and holding) the first row in this room. There were not too many power outlets, so this year at least Ivanovic will bring one multi-outlet power strip plus some extension cable (5m or something like this). There is no wired network, everything wireless (and sometimes rather/very unstable!). Beside this you should bring laptops since there are no computers available for hacking.

Short version:

AW1 - Room 115

Planned discussion

We usually discuss all sorts of things at FOSDEM, this section is here to have a small bullet list of things that we actively want to discuss at FOSDEM.

  • GSOC 2011: finding mentors, organizing the submission etc..
  • GCI 2010/2011: was it good, should we try to do it again next year ?
  • FOSDEM 2012 : trying to get a dev room with other games ?
  • Wesnoth 1.10: when to release? How to go on?
  • Licensing: How should we handle things like the "appstore problem"?
  • [wanted: discussion topics!]

Group Picture

to be linked here after FOSDEM


We were already at FOSDEM 2010, here something as reference:


We were already at FOSDEM 2009, here something as reference:


We were already at FOSDEM 2008, here something as reference: