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Stuff people are working on


Will complete

  • Nothing left, so will work on bugfixing and adding more documentation to the new widgets.

currently working on

  • Add new dialog to show the transparent portraits Kitty made. (ready for test, still needs the touch of an artist)
  • Improve campaign selection dialog (http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=497655) (Note there are some problems so it might be that this gets postponed until 1.7.)


Wants to complete

  • Finish the new widgets (Won't be done before 1.6)
  • Open bugs assigned to me

Hopes to complete

  • Open FRs assigned to me


Am Done With

Probably won't complete

  • New WML tag [global_event] for events that persist across scenarios


Wants to complete

  • Finalizing the gold carryover changes in mainline campaigns (as long as the maintainer doesn't oppose it, naturally) and rebalancing accordingly.
    • Update: done for all campaigns except for NR and LoW.
  • Implementing a final version of the ai controller, and then deciding whether we want to use it across all/most the mainline campaigns or not.
    • Update: doing it as flawlessly as I want is tricky and a simpler implementation could open a can of worms in some campaign scenarios, so I'll postpone it until after 1.6. The basic code for it is ready however, so we could still wire it in to campaigns later on in the 1.6 branch.


Am Done With

  • Substantive changes to existing mainline campaigns. As far as I am concerned, existing mainline WML could freeze for translation in 7 days (e.g. 9 Nov).
  • I have no C++ core features planned for 1.6.
  • Custom music lists for all mainline scenarios that don't already have them

Hopes to complete

  • Get the bug count below 30


Am Done With

  • Fix bugs which make AI unplayable

Wants to complete

  • New stats system
  • Sophisticated rooms system on mp server


Am Done With

  • Editor2 is usable
  • Some of the FRs
  • Band-aided the filebrowser mess

Wants to complete

  • Fix bugs in code I know if they crop up

Bugs and general features

BUGS / features that must be addressed

BUGS / features that we would like to address


release plan for 1.6

current status of textdomains

bugs.wesnoth.org - List of known and reported bugs

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