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Will complete

  • User definable border hex (done)
  • Wescamp integration with campaign server (testing)
  • Addon server rewritten (postponed)

Wants to complete

  • Allow custom terrains in the editor (I think a must have since also some mainline campaigns use custom terrains, at least UtbS does.)
  • Allow default theme to optimize for screens > 1024x786
  • Open bugs assigned to me

Hopes to complete

  • Open FRs assigned to me


Will complete

  • FR #10600 : random faction with a subset of the factions (done)

May implement

  • Translation support improvements if i find areas where it would be useful
  • A remove_animation effect

Will unlikely implement before 1.5

  • Stuff to make convesions between coordinates and direction (for example to thel the coordinates of the next hex on the NW)
  • Variable objects manipulation improvements
  • Default map settings : ability to setup more precisely what is locked and what is only the default value


Will complete

  • Extensive balancing and polishing of the main branch of Northern Rebirth

Wants to complete

  • Any and all bugs
  • Balancing and polishing of the current scenarios in undead branch

Hopes to complete

  • Undead branch

BUGS / features that must be addressed

  • lvl3 outlaws should be finished and enabled everywhere by default. (FIXED)
  • linger mode must be explained in the in-game help (?) and in the tutorial. (FIXED)
  • the autosaves slider must be finished. (FIXED, the savegame slider does now determine the number of autosaves (of the current language) to keep, the range is from 1 to 60 or infinite)
  • MP random working (Baufo was/is working on that). (FIXED)
  • MP campaigns working (Rhuvaen posted quite some bugs regarding the problems).
    • https://gna.org/bugs/?9425 allow_new_game=no introduces a shift in the displayed maps (FIXED)
    • https://gna.org/bugs/?9965 MP server doesn't handle subsequent scenarios in MP campaigns for observers on rejoins (FIXED)
    • https://gna.org/bugs/?10056 Players cannot progress to next scenario if host leaves linger mode first (FIXED players can leave after the host has moved)
    • https://gna.org/bugs/?10058 Start of scenario saves are always invalid and a cause of disconnection in MP (FIXED)
    • https://gna.org/bugs/?10065 recall OOS in subsequent scenarios (MP campaigns) (FIXED)
    • MP campaigns during transfer between scenarios all players get either disconnected or send back to the previous scenario. (FIXED)
    • recall list is only available for the host. (FIXED)
  • allow usermade content to define own damage types in a sane way, this requires a good default for damage types that are not predefined. (https://gna.org/bugs/?10661 , FIXED)

BUGS / features that we would like to address

  • all the rest.

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