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Note: WesCamp was a translation project, but activity stopped around 2014. Please follow the links in the See Also section for updated documentation.

If you are someone who just wants to translate

Then, simply go to http://gettext.wesnoth.org, and download the .po file of your chosen add-on and language. Then read the information for translators on this page here to know whom to tell what you are working on, and where to submit your translations.


Translating add-ons works the same as translating mainline. All of the information about this already exists in the wiki (see the links below). The files you need are located in the project’s Github repositories (they might take a bit of effort to locate. Alternatively, you can use gettext.wesnoth.org). When they are translated, send them to AI/AI0867.

Before you start translating you should:

  • Look at the subpage of the add-on you wish to translate to see if someone is already working on it.
  • Contact the translation team for your target language for guidance.

If you have questions, join the #wesnoth channel on the Freenode IRC network and ask in there. Of course, you will also get answers if you ask your questions in the Translations & Internationalization forum, or e-mail AI/AI0867.

See Also

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