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Recent changes and sigs

Hi, Ott. You appear to be a sysop on the new wiki, so:

  1. Can you ask whoever made the glamdrol skin to add a link to recent changes somewhere near the bottom? Not having easy access to it is driving me crazy.
  2. Also, why can't I change my signature (i.e., the thing Mediawiki replaces "~~~~" with) in the preferences page? Without the ability to do this, I'll have to sign my talk page edits by hand!

--Ardonik (talk page) 17:44, August 14, 2005 (CEST)

I received your reply. I am a regular contributor to the English wikipedia (see and I administer a MediaWiki for documentation purposes at work, but I don't have much experience with MediaWiki's skins or with PHP in general. Guess I'll just have to ask Ettin. --Ardonik (talk page) 18:25, August 14, 2005 (CEST)

A Request

Please, could you send a private message to Clonkinator to tell him to go to my user page and discuss with me about the scenario I'm working on for his SurvivalXtreme? (user page) (user talk page) I'll be very happy if you do that!--Apostolos_The_Greek

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