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Hello everyone. If you don't know who I am then I feel sorry for you. (I'm just kidding. :P) I am just another wesnoth fan. I decided to come here and help out with whatever I can. (If anything at all.) I also joined because I found out that wesnoth allows you to customize/create scenarios, campaigns, etc. I always loved modding/editing in games. Anyway, there is a lot to say about myself but, I will keep it short. I am a programmer, I like music, art, gaming, etc. That is me in a nutshell. Anyhow, I will post things below what I am working on, thinking about, etc. Enjoy!

~ SpoOkyMagician

Wesnoth Break

I am taking a wesnoth break for now. I will be back later on.

edit: I am still on a wesnoth break for now. However, I will drop in awhile and play a game or two once in awhile. However, I want to spend some time with UGS while I am thinking about it...

edit: I am going to be working on UGS for a while. I want to finish this thing. :)

Unwelcome Guests Series


For those who have yet to try this, I pity you. :P (I am just kidding.) "UGS" or "Unwelcome Guests Series" is an RPG pack with 3 scenarios (well actually, it used to be just 2. Although, I am working on the third one now.) In UGS, you play as one of the four heroes that is somehow involved (one way or another) with the "Evil Leader". This so called, "Evil Leader" or as he prefers to be called, "Master" is attempting to take control of the world/nearby land. Although, the four heroes always interfere with his plan. This sounds pretty vague but, this is because there is a lot to tell. I will add separate sections for the story to explain.

~ SpoOkyMagician

Unwelcome Guests 1

It starts out that the "Master" (A Dark Adept at the time) takes control of a large island and begins to consider himself, "in charge". Many people began to protest him about being the "Leader" of the people. However, he did not take their anger lightly... He began to kill all those who appose him and the people began to accept him out of fear. The others who managed to live/apposed him decided to migrate to the north. Meanwhile, the leader asked the citizens to help build up a town and a fort for the "Master". It took them a long time but, they finally managed to build the town and the fort. However, they were no longer alone. The others had also built a town as well to the north. This concerned the "Master" for awhile. Although, he decided to ignored them for now. Back at the northern town, four civilians decided to help out their leader with a task. They were to infiltrate the "Master's" town and become his servants. While doing whatever was needed to be done, they were to look for any suspicious activity, possibly attacks, etc. (The game begins here. You will have to play the add-on to learn more. :P)

~ SpoOkyMagician

Unwelcome Guests 2

The game continues on here after you complete UG1. (I will try not to reveal too much.) The "Master" manages to get away during the final battle. (From UG1) Everyone on the island decided that since they were "free", they would migrate to the west and leave this island forever. Including the four heroes as well. Nobody knows what happened to them or where they went. The island was basically left abandoned... A few months have past since then. However, things became worse. Since all the different races couldn't agree with each other, they decided to split up. The humans, elves, drakes, and the remaining undead became aggressive with each other. Some even began alliances with each other to rid of other races... This begin the "Battle of the Chaos Island". A few days later, four friends decided to join the army to protect their hometown. It was all fine for the first few days. Although, it became worse after a few days. Citizens that they knew slowly began to die off in the attacks. Finally, the four heroes decided that this was too much for them to handle. They headed to the western fort and asked the general if they could resign from the war. Their request was to just live in peace. They did not want to see anymore bloodshed. The general agreed and told them about a small island just to the northwest of here. It was a island where there was no fighting. Only peace. They set sail the next day after a well deserved rest for the night. Unfortunately, once they got off the ship, they knew something was horribly wrong... (The game begins here. Play the add-on. :P)

~ SpoOkyMagician

Unwelcome Guests 3

After UG2, this begins the final chapter in the story. (Again, I will not to reveal too much of the story.) After the final battle, the "Master" yet again, escapes with his life. (He knows he cannot fail in his plans so he retreats for now.) As for the heroes, they remain on the island and finally live their lives in peace. That same day, the general had to ask for assistance defending the eastern village. He sent out a call for any heroes that wanted to help out and he managed to get (yet again) four heroes to join the cause. He told them to meet his army at the eastern village. (He sent a large group of soldiers there and they were lead by him.) The four heroes set sail from their homeland to "The Chaos Islands" and unboarded at the western docks. They head to the nearby town and notice that something was wrong... (The game begins here. Play the add-on. :P)

~ SpoOkyMagician

Progress Log

This is the progress log. Make sure you read this to find out what is being changed/modified/etc to UGS. It will be updated whenever I make a change to the add-on.

~ SpoOkyMagician

Current Tasks/Things To Do

- UG1: Add more events... (Anywhere)
- UG1: Add a few more units... (Anywhere)
- UG1: Try to balance gameplay. (Unit levels in certain areas)
- UG1: Check all event music. (Need to update all)
- UG1: Make sure drunk DA is male...
- UGS: Increase new attack animation length. (too fast)
- UG1: Fix the leader retreat option.
- UG1: Remove magic images when triggered.
- UG1: Do something about the small patrols units.
- UG1: Change the messages from drakes about dragons.
- UG1: Seems too easy still. May still need more units yet.
- UG1: Add fake/recruitable leader.


- UG1: Add more events... (Anywhere)
- UG1: Add a few more units... (Anywhere)
- UG1: Try to balance gameplay. (Unit levels in certain areas)
- UG1: Check all event music. (Need to update all)
- UG1: Make sure drunk DA is male...
- UGS: Increase new attack animation length. (too fast)
- UG1: Fix the leader retreat option.
- UG1: Add some peasants to waterfall cave.
- UG1: Fix the dragons event. (teleport player to see dragons.) - UG1: Make the theif brothers teleport to triggered player location.
- UG1: Add group rest function. (rest 1 turn to fully heal. However, skips turns.)
- UG1: Remove magic images when triggered.
- UG1: Do something about the small patrols units.
- UG1: Change the messages from drakes about dragons.
- UG1: Kill dragons after cutscene. I want them to disapper.
- UG1: Seems too easy still. May still need more units yet.


- Updated UG2's map...
- Added new group rest menu item.
- Fixed music/misc typos.
- Added peasants to waterfall cave.
- Made theif bros teleport if you dont pay.
- Temp removal of the blood wall images in ug1. (fix later)
- Added blood to UG1.
- Added blood_wall.png
- Added blood.png
- work_in_progress dir is now deleted.
- Removed story.cfg
- Removed old setup.cfg
- Removed the old intros.cfg
- Found/Fixed the problem...
- Fixed broken events/macros.
- Added new macro when boss dies.
- Moved old UG2 and UG3 events. (DO NOT WORK YET)
- Added the UG2 intro.
- Removed old directories.
- Added UG2 player locations. (still updating map though.)
- Moved UG3 to scenarios. (doesnt work yet)
- Moved UG2 to scenarios. (doesnt work yet)
- Changed player death code.
- Added pack item image.
- Removed extra chest images.
- More image updates...
- All icon images are complete.
- Updating images again...
- Already fixed advancement macro.
- Ignoring wose problem.
- Possible fix to if ai dies & player advances. (invalid WML found.)
- vultraz added textdomain to files.
- Minor updates/changes.
- Added new difficulty macro.
- Moved everything to a "work_in_progress" folder.
- Added UG1 to add-on.
- Updated/Fixed some of the old macros and included them in add-on.
- You can no longer pick a specific special. You can use them all automatically now. Although, you need to buy supplies from the shop... activate them using the inventory...
- Completed new shop.
- Completed trading.
- The inventory is complete. (except for the teleportation... update this later.)
- Updated the intro cutscene for UG1. (you now can move around the masters fort.)
- Added new menu item. (you can now talk to certain units within the game.)
- All trade/shop/inventory names were checked/fixed with incorrect naming.
- All trade/shop/inventory message tags got a side_for=$side_number| to prevent bugs/problems.
- Removed old intro define. (it was a temporary fix/old code.)
- Re-added in the shop music. (the love theme.)
- The potions now use a ~RC on a single image now. (instead of seperate images.)
- Changed the potion image for shop/trading section.
- Added a lot of files to deprecated folder. (Will only delete the files when they are ABSOLUTELY not needed anymore.)
- Removed the old images for potions and old trap image. (removes 8.67 kb from add-on.)
- Also removed "black_pot.png" I forgot... (saves me about 1 kb more. yay...)
- moved the old help_book.png to deprecated and renamed the "character_book.png" to "help_book.png". (I don't think I need both anymore.)
- Set require_era=yes. (I hate having to do this but, the game forces you to use this era so...)
- Moved UGS to BfW 1.9.x (Let's face it... I had to do this eventually anyway...)
- Redesigned UG1 map. (Looks much better now.)
- Fixed some issues with ~CROP and TELEPORT_UNIT macros...
- Fixed an issue with UG1 events. (accidentally left a copy/paste macro I meant to delete...)
- Added some new talk to events... (I still have a lot more to go though...)
- Fixed an issue with changing terrain for cut down intro...
- Readd rest in shop. (forgot it when updating shop...)
- Readded fog after introduction to UG1. (could cause problems later on...)
- Made macro for setting up variables... (going to be the same 3 times anyway...)
- Added event apon all player deaths to end the game. (game would never end...)
- Updated all my images... (I felt like this was needed...)
- Fixed the trading scroll name strings.
- Fixed the kill reward for potion. (wasn't giving potions correctly.)
- Fixed a damaged house event. (missed it.)
- Fixed the healing potions. (incorrectly amount healed.)
- Added a [chat] tag to most of the menu items. (to let players know what is going on.)
- Removed the UGS story image maps. (Taking too much space anyway. I saved the addon about 1 MB.)
- Added new image. (spell.png. This is going to be a new buyable scroll. This allows you to buy a new magical attacks.)
- Lowered weapon smithing/crafting. (100 was too expensive...)
- Increased walking corpse scroll price. (10 is too cheap...)
- Added new spell scrolls to shop/trade/inventory. (fireball 16-2 magical, iceball 8-2 magical & slows, arcane missiles 4-4 magical & drains)
- Fixed two attribute typos. (fixed now.)
- Fixed a major problem with teleporting. (infinite loop. but it was prevented with while loop limit.)
- Modified where bats can be tamed. (now can be tamed in Rb and Hhd terrains...)
- Added a barrier in UG1. (I hate to do this, but I need to force no sequence breaking...)
- Allowed for share_maps=yes. (this could become annoying if I set to no.)
- Fixed a minor typo issue with shop. (blacksmithing/crafting.)
- Fixed a minor typo issue with inventory. (blacksmithing/crafting.)
- Fixed a minor typo issue with inventory. (spell scrolls.)
- Fixed a minor typo issue with chat. (missing '.' with compliment.)
- Updated the help menu item. (forgot about the new spell scrolls.)
- Fixed a minor typo issue with trade. (gold exit menu item.)
- Fixed a minor typo issue with trade. (summoning scrolls.)
- Made debug menu items only work in debug mode. (only for now. will remove later on.)
- Modified my debug menu item. (should be easier for me now.)
- Added the leader death event. (talk to trigger.)
- Renamed all old removeitem tags. (that was annoying but needed to be done...)
- Fixed all needed SUF id= (some i made multiple values. you can do this now.)
- Added some chat messages to let players know about long cutscenes. (this will prevent players from leaving hopefully...)
- Fixed green potion. (didn't cure poison...)
- Removed nothing drop... (very annoying...)
- Added remove poison to rest in shop. (might as well...)
- Removed extra house destruction event. (in cave.)
- Made loot share for kills/items. (could cause problems among players if i don't...)
- Added scroll to events for waterfall.
- Added objective changes here and there.
- Fixed monolith event. (no longer repeats.)
- Fixed story image issue. (wrong format...)
- Missed a chat event needed.
- Fixed share loot message. (print incorrectly.)
- New image. (Wooden Chest)
- New image. (Mine Cart)
- Updated Wooden Chest image. (I felt that it could be better. Although code is higher priority now.)
- Updated Wooden Chest image again. (I made it even better. :D)
- Added more enemy units... (I need to add a lot to make the game interesting...)
- Updated my debug macro. (should save me from going insane from coding all these events/units/etc... xD)
- Updated the miner talk to events. (incorrect speaker)
- Added more units/items to UG1. (Still a lot more to go though...)
- Redrawn floor_design.png. (Looks more magical now.)
- Updated the debug macro. (minor update.)
- Updated the debug macro. (WML typo.)
- Updated miner message. (typo.)
- Added +2 movement to heroes. (slower leaders need movement.)
- Fixed minor typo in UG1 story.
- Fixed the shops merchant image. (None transparent portrait...)
- Added more notiable message triggering traps.
- Solved the trap problem. (Now uses objects.)
- Added okay image. (For when there is need of a notification message.)
- Added more events to UG1. (Still plenty more to go...)
- Fixed some speaker id's.
- Changed some of the menu item images.
- Updated action_door image.
- Updated action_look image.
- Updated action_talk image.
- Updated animal image.
- Updated blacksmith image.
- Updated help_book image.
- Updated inventory image.
- Updated thievery image.
- updated level image.
- Updated spell image.
- Updated summon image.
- Updated teleport image.
- Updated trade image.
- Added Nothing option to debug.
- Continued to update events for UG1...
- Updated mine_cart image.
- Updated grave image.
- Updated grave_tombstone image.
- Continued to add plot events.
- Added seperate UGS event file(s).
- Updating the story. (This is somewhat important to me.)
- Remaking UG2 map again. (work in progress.)
- 70% of UG2 map done.
- Moved UG3 map to add-on.
- Removed the maps in the wip directory.
- Removed deprecated junk/files...
- UG1: Fix the wose bug at 18,30... (Fixed)
- Updated the UGS_UNIT macro with 1 new argument.
- Continued to update UG2's map.
- Minor updates to UG1 map.
- UGS: Fix the kill enemy random loot... (Fixed)
- UG1: Add shop at 27,62... (Fixed)
- UGS: Update the unit macro... (Fixed. Although, update further later if needed...)
- UGS: Add inventory drop on player death... (Fixed)
- Fixed an issue where continued story could fail from leader.
- UG1: Fix the final boss encounter. (Fixed)
- Fixed the portrait with final encounter... (not transparent...)
- UG1: Fix the escaping bowman event... (Fixed)
- UG1: Fix the rescue peasants event... (Fixed)
- Fixed three event issues with UG1.
- Updated the mine cart event messages.
- Made blue/teal potions fire_event=yes for advancement...
- Fixed a minor issue with advancement.
- Fixed minor typo of Vengeful.ogg -> vengeful.ogg...
- Added some music changes to some story moods.
- Fixed the cutscene's fog.
- More old files deleted.
- Added a new 'rare' option to random loot.
- Fixed a typo in 'rare' print...
- UG1: Check all speaker=narrator for image. (Fixed)
- Fixed minor bugs here and there.
- Removed teleport scrolls from shop. (causes problems)
- UG1: Added missing goals.(I got in a rush sorry.)
- UG2: Temp included it for now while im working on it.
- UG2: Added a few events.
- UG2: Updated story tags.
- UG2: Minor changes here/there.
- UG2: Set scale_background=no for parts.


- I am only doing this because it was needed... otherwise, I feel that I would get nowhere with UGS...
- It took me some time but, I managed to finish the new shop. This should make this much easier for me...
- I finally completed the trading menu item... Now I have to tackle the inventory... -_- ...this is going to be fun...
- Pretty much the inventory/trading/shop is done. (Although, the inventory teleport needs to be updated later.)
- Thanks to shadowmaster, he gave me the yellow RC/TC color for yellow potions. :D
- I need to see what I can do with the scroll images. (maybe use TC or change the images completely. they are too similar...)
- I decided to just to wait until 1.9.x becomes stable (or at least a decent working version) to upload UGS. I have too much to do anyhow...
- I have Jetrel to thank for the assistance/suggestions/info/etc in pixel art. (I think my chest sprite came out very nicely.)
- I want to point out that updating the art will come later on. (code right now is highest priority.)
- Test the traps by using objects instead. Events do not seem to be working properly right now...
- I felt I was being too lazy with the images so, I decided to add my own touch to the images...
- Traps were fixed. :)
- Added to the svn. (Thanks Espreon)
- Ran a full test run on UG1. (Cheated near end though... needs work still)
- Try to figure out where this error is: error display: could not open image 'terrain/.png'
- Look into this error: Detected an image with bad dimensions :96x96
- Special thanks to vultraz for updating my UG1 story tags. It makes them a bit more... intriguing and pulls the players into the story. :) - I feel that for the most part, UGS part 1 is now playable and I want to release this damn addon. So, I will upload it but with only part 1 done.

Modifiable Android Project


For those who have yet to try this, I pity you. :P (I am just kidding.) "MAP" or "Modifiable Android Project" is based off the video game series "Metroid". I am a huge fan of this game. :D (Seriously...) I had the idea to attempt to make a platform like scenario for wesnoth but, I originally was going to make it more like "Super Mario Bros". However, I thought to myself, why not make it like "Metroid"? I had the task of changing it for the most part to avoid copying the game itself so, I had to make something original. (It's not perfect but, I think it's good enough to be sort of original...) Anyway, the story goes like this...

The year is 4032. In a very distant galaxy, there are many unexplored planets... However, one in particular interests the humans. It's now known as 'YS-0-KOP'. Very little is known about this planet. The 'Falcon XVI' (A exploration spaceship) has been sent to the planet to explore and look for any form of intelligent life. They find what looks to be a cave on the planets surface. They decide to send an android on a small ship down to the planet to investigate. The android was programmed to terminate any threats if anything became hostile to it's survival. Armed with a simple energy cannon, the android was sent to the cave.

The game itself uses a custom "gravity" that makes the android fall whenever he moves above the ground. (the cave wall terrain) He can stand on top of enemies as well. You will explore this strange planet and you will find upgrades, many weird creatures, and learn more about what lurks below the surface...

~ SpoOkyMagician


I had some new ideas for MAP. (I started working on them a little bit. However, I thought of some flaws that comes along with the idea.) I decided to add some multiplayer scenarios that players can fight each other in a arena. Android vs Android. I also thought about other concepts as well but, I haven't got to that yet. I will keep you posted about those later on. However, I wish to work on UGS before I tackle this job. ;)

edit: Espreon asked me if he could work on MAP for awhile. I agreed to it and MAP is now on the svn.

~ SpoOkyMagician

SXC Development

I just wanted to point out that I am now helping out with the SXC add-on. I always had an interest in this. (I am not in particularly a fan of high damage/strike style games but, this reminds me of the old days when I played "U Da Prey" scenarios on "Age of Empires 2 The Conquerors Expansion". I was a huge fan of that scenario. Although, I never liked multiple hero UDP's... Anyway, SX was basically the same concept. (Just turn based) I immediately took a liking of the concept. Anyhow, I decided to join the team with updating it. Thus far, I contributed basic converting/re-writing of the old scenarios and I also designed "SXC_SpoOky_Forest". I am very proud of that scenario. It was very fun to play and it was exactly how I planned it to work out. (except with a few minor things that yet needs to be fixed.) Anyhow, I will continue to help the development of SXC whenever I get the time. Although, I really want to focus on UGS as much as possible right now.

edit: I designed a new SXC scenario recently. It is known as, "SXC_SpoOky_Castle". I have completed a general version of the map. However, I gave the scenario to -stf- to balance/update as he sees fit. I also designed two new macros that may be included in the add-on. It creates a unit that has 75% alpha transparency. Making the unit look ghostly. I hope these are included in SXC. It could have it's uses. :)

~ SpoOkyMagician

Wesnoth + Stepmania ?

Yes, I am combining them. (Sort of) I borrowed (with permission) to use the tracks in stepmania. You can find more information about this in the forums here: Click Here.

SpoOky Survivals

I decided to make this add-on pack one day that contains random survivals designed by me. The most notable being the first one. (8p Tiny Survival) This is my favorite survival out of all of them. Please give it a try. The other survivals may/may not have been tested. Please play at your own risk. May/May not be a fair/balanced game yet. If you have comments/suggestions/etc, please contact me.

Here is a list of the current scenarios available right now...

8p - Tiny Survival (Best. Play this one.)
4p - Teams Tiny Survival (Untested. But, should still be fun.)
3p - Circle Survival (Untested. I am unsure about this one. May remove this later...)

New/Untitled RPG Campaign (Work In Progress)

I decided to make a RPG, single player, campaign. It's going to be very simple in design and gameplay wise. Note that this may not appeal to normal wesnoth players. (There is very little recruiting/recalling in the campaign. However, if you like RPG's, you might enjoy this one.) I already have the basic idea done in a text document. I even designed the maps as well. (May still need fixes here and there.) I would like to post more information but, I want to finish this campaign first. Just give me a few days and it should be on the 1.9 add-on server...

~ SpoOkyMagician


If you ever need to contact me for some reason, please give me a detailed title and a message. Please only use English messages. That is the only language I know. :P

edit: Due to ISP merge, I got a new email address...

edit: I also have a facebook page as well...

AIM: spookygames2005
Wesnoth User/IRC: SpoOkyMagician

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