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"With great power comes great responsibility"
- Uncle Ben Parker
"There's no limit to the good you can do when you don't care who gets the credit"
- General of the Army George C. Marshall

My seat at the developer table comes with the assignment to maintain mainline campaigns, specifically Heir to the Throne and The Rise of Wesnoth.

Official Projects

Heir to the Throne

The Rise of Wesnoth

  • Recommit new portraits for Haldric and Aethyr (Jetryl edits)


  • I would like to experiment with a new balancing paradigm that changes the XP required to level.
  • This idea has some opponents in the dev community, but I would like to give it a shot. There are some definite advantages:
    • The ability to standardize difficulty descriptions
    • Gives EASY players access to the same amount of XP as HARD players.
    • This requires the elimination of using GOLD, INCOME, and RECRUIT lists as a method of balancing.
    • The remaining avenues of balancing are TURNS, ATTACK DEPTH, and XP MODIFIER

User Projects

  • Liberty - the outlaw campaign
  • The High Seas MP Era (defunct)
  • L3 Outlaws Unit Pack
  • Demo MP Era (a template to show users how to build a custom-content MP era)
  • Subterranian MP Era (defunct)
  • [data masked] - an RPG-style adventure that is taking a long time to write

Most of these are no longer available or relevant. When 1.2 comes out to replace 1.0, they will all be obsolete.

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