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  • Name: Patrick
  • Location: Atlanta, GA

Main Contributions

  • Improving WML
  • Improving the GUI in Wesnoth

Abandoned Ideas

Successful Ideas

  • Should Sky Drakes get marksman?
  • MP Timer modification (Action Bonus and Reservoir Limit sliders)

Multiplayer Map Contributions

Royal Rumble Lavavillage: I put some heavy mods on drakeprince's "rumble extreme" remix, and dubbed the result Royal Rumble Lavavillage. There's a little surprise that is hidden in one of the lava villages-- a "dark tome."

MegaWar 2v2: I've seen Bhentedos's art maps and was inspired to make one where you actually play upon the subject. This is a 2v2 where his legs must fight against the kingdoms in his ear and his x-buster. Features of the map include warp gates, a central abandoned keep, and disputed waters where a lot of the action takes place.

2p - Tomb of Kings: If you are claustrophobic, then the Tomb of Kings may scare you quite a bit. This map presents a lot of strategic options, one key choice being whether or not to relocate your leader.

5p - Light Warriors: Ok, in case you're wondering this was inspired by Final Fantasy 1. Four heroes must travel northwest to confront the evil there. (RPG-style)

2p - Chessnoth: Wesnoth Chessboard Battlefield

6p - Temple of Solomon (mod): In this modified version of Becephalus' "Temple of Solomon" 3v3, the central temple serves as a divine weather-control device.

4p - NorthernRPG: In this scenario, an orcish grunt, troll, archer, and assassin undertake a long and dangerous journey as they leave their home for the first time. What traps, treasures, and strange mysteries will they discover on their way? Play and find out.

4p - Traitor's Island 2v2: A 'tactical nightmare' where your ally is also your comedy relief. Recommended setting of Age of Heroes Era and 50 starting gold.

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