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Hi, my username is Mnewton1. I am a regular on the forums so that is the best way to contact me. I am also on IRC every so often. I joined wesnoth back in 1.2.7? and have been with it ever since.

Current Projects

monolith1.png Ageless Era - 4.10

Ageless Era is a compilation of the most popular eras and factions on the add-on server. It is more than an Era Pack than an Era. Also, all credit for every faction goes to it's respected author(s).

The current version of the era is 4.10. It is currently being worked on at version 1.10 and soon 1.11 of Wesnoth.

monolith2.png Descendants of the Dragon - 2.0

Descendants of the Dragon is an MP Era with a mix of japanese and chinese cultures. The North faction would be a more japanese influenced culture, while the south would be more of a chinese influenced culture.

Currently only the North faction has been made.

Planning on updating.

  • Wiki - Early Stages of Progress

bonestack.png Mnewton1's Shrine Maps - 1.0

Mnewton1's Shrine Maps is a map-pack containing several MP Scenarios that have a shrine in the middle. When you move your leader onto the shrine, a random undead unit from levels 0-3 will be create every turn.

Planned: If you move a non-leader unit onto it, a random undead unit from levels 0-2 will be created every turn. Your unit will also take 1-10 damage every turn. This will kill the unit. Will be updating to 1.8 soon.

Maybe: Vary the undead units by level:

0   0-1
1   0-2
2   0-3
3   0-4

Computer Games

I used to play a lot of computer games like Runescape or Adventure Quest. As I grew older, they started to get boring so I quit them. The only computer games I currently play are Wesnoth, Frogatto and Friends and Minecraft. Frogatto is is another game made by the Wesnoth some of the members of the team like Dave and Jetrel.

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