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Wesnoth 1.2

I tried Heir To The Throne twice in older versions of Wesnoth, but never won the Siege of Elensefar, not in the easy level. The releases of Wesnoth 1.2 and 1.2.1 regained my attention, and I have now finished A Tale of Two Brothers on the easy "Horseman" level, and The South Guard on the hard "Soldier" level. As Deoran of the South Guard, I allied with the elves against the bandits. Then I felt competent enough to attempt Heir To The Throne at the medium "Hero" level. At Saturday 17 February 2007, as Konrad, I won the Siege of Elensefar for the first time, after an intense battle for control of Elensefar. My campaign ended three scenarios later, because Konrad's forces were insufficient against the undead in The Valley of Death - The Princess's Revenge.

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