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Stuff I intend to do/am doing

  • Add Jetryl's recent posts to the wiki.
  • Finish the Free Goblins Faction.
  • Duplicate the Walking Corpse animations over to the Soulless. [Status: Started - needs Elves & Dwarves added]
  • Add Wesnoth style and proportions standards to art tutorials (include Jetryl's comments from the Elf druid thread) [Status: Not started]
  • Create an anti-creeping-biggerism art template [Status: Not started]
  • Create a GIMP plugin to convert the selection to T-Colour [Status: Not started, and given how rusty my coding skills are, don't hold your breath]
  • Create a Good Ideas wiki page to capture the good ideas posted in the Ideas Forum. [Started]
  • Create a backstab attack animation for the Thief. [Draft one done]

Stuff I actually did

Game Stuff

Forum Stuff

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