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Feature-freeze independent

  • Update wiki pages related to the map editor
  • Work wround the boost iostreams compressed output bug when the disk is full

Wait for end of feature freeze (general)

  • Make the keep-scrolling-after-mouse-leaves-window behavior optional
  • Map labels list (debug command?) [1]
  • Reset hotkey(s) button [2]

Wait for end of feature freeze (editor2)

  • Add a close windows menu item it's there needs renaming and moving
  • Add open windows list
  • Saving and loading of open maps list ("workspace")
  • Add a startup screen (new map, random map, open map, restore last workspace)
  • Make the editor ask for saving when the application is closed
  • Autosave in the editor + restore
  • Rewrite the filechooser
  • Rewrite the terrain palette (internals and display)
  • Big terrain palette dialog
  • Loading maps from scenarios, savegames, also loading embedded maps
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