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Forum Achievements

WIP for fun. Note that this is not a list of things that I personally have done. It is a list of things that could be done. It is much in the nature of the PS3 trophy system. A lot of these names are references to my favorite shows, games, movies, and books.

Anyone may feel free to edit *this section* of my page to add achievements.

TV On The Brain
Reference the same TV show 3 times in a thread.
It's A Trap!
Set up a joke over the course of at least three posts.
Track Switch
Derail a thread.
Defeat Crushmaster in an Off-Topic debate.
Beast Slayer
Defeat Zarel in an Off-Topic debate.
Badge Outta Heck
Defeat Turuk in an Off-Topic debate.
Jake The Snake
Get "quoted for truth".
Have at least 1000 posts.
Get quoted in someone else's signature.
Give A Man A Fish
Give someone the exact code they need in the WML Workshop.
Shadowmaster's Wrath
Use a bit of BB code contrary to its intended purpose.
Give A Man A Net
Help someone solve their problem in the WML Workshop without giving them an explicit answer.
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